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Meretskov K.A. (1897-1968), military commander, marshal

MERETSKOV Kirill Afanasievich (1897-1968), Soviet military commander, Marshal of the Soviet Union (1944), Hero of the Soviet Union (1940). Participated in the Civil War

Mikhail Pavlovich, Grand Prince (1798-1849)

MIKHAIL PAVLOVICH (1798, St. Petersburg – 1849), Grand Prince, Adjutant General (1831), member of the State Council (1825), Senator (1834), Honorary Member of the Imperial Military Academy (1832)

Mikhailovsky Artillery Academy

MIKHAILOVSKY ARTILLERY ACADEMY (МАА), military scientific and educational institution of higher retraining of artillery command personnel. It was based in 1855 on the basis of officers’ classes at the Mikhail Artillery High School within the General

Mikhailovsky Military Artillery University

MIKHAILOVSKY MILITARY ARTILLERY UNIVERSITY (MMAU) (22 Komsomola Street) is a higher military educational institution for training of command and engineer personnel for missile and artillery units; it also possesses a research centre

Military Academies (entry)

MILITARY ACADEMIES, educational institutions of the Military Department, the graduates of which are directed to military service according to the qualification they receive

Military Ceremonies

MILITARY CEREMONIES, performance by military units of the regular kinds of professional activities, accompanied by a number of formalities, producing a theatrical and strong moral effect on the participants and spectators

Military Churches (entry)

MILITARY CHURCHES, churches attached to military units, emerged parallelly with the foundation of the city, set up as field churches in regimental settlements - garrison, infantry and guards quarters

Military Colleges (entry)

MILITARY COLLEGES, military high schools for training army officers. They appeared in the early 19th century. Reorganised and unified in 1859-64, they had uniform admission rules, curriculum and organisation

Military Collegium

MILITARY COLLEGIUM, a central government institution, army headquarters. Founded in 1719. The collegium occupied various buildings in the Admiralteyskaya and Liteinaya sections of the city; aside from this

Military Commandant's Office of the St. Petersburg Garrison

MILITARY COMMANDANT'S OFFICE of the St. Petersburg Garrison (3 Sadovaya Street), exercises control over the garrison forces and military personnel, stationed on the territory of St

Military Communications University

MILITARY COMMUNICATIONS UNIVERSITY (MCU) (3 Tikhoretsky Avenue) is a higher military educational institution. It prepares command and engineer personnel for the signal troops

Military District

MILITARY DISTRICT (MD) of St. Petersburg (1864-1914), Petrograd (1914-24), Leningrad (from 1924), highest military-administrative unit of the armed forces, exercising control over troops, institutions, organisations

Military Engineering University

MILITARY ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY (MEU) (22 Zakharyevskaya Street), upper military educational institution preparing officers of engineer and building specialties for all branches of troops

Military Engineering University, St. Petersburg Department of the

MILITARY ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY, St. Petersburg Branch of the (SPD MEU) (17 Krasnogo Kursanta Street) is a higher military educational institution. It prepares officers for military topographic services

Military fortifications (general article)

FORTIFICATIONS, makeshift, or permanent engineering buildings intended for defence. Among the permanent fortifications were the St. Peter and Paul Fortress and the Admiralty Fortress in St

Military Logistics and Transport Academy

MILITARY LOGISTICS AND TRANSPORT ACADEMY (8 Makarova Embankment), a military educational institution. It prepares officers for command and engineering specialities for the support and transportation troops

Military Orphans' House

MILITARY ORPHANS' HOUSE was a military boarding school for children (from four years age) of officers and soldiers, who were either impoverished or dead. It was founded in 1794 by the Grand Prince Pavel Petrovich (future Emperor Pavel I) in Gatchina

Military Physical Culture Institute

MILITARY PHYSICAL EDUCATION INSTITUTE (63 Bolshoy Sampsonyevsky Avenue) is a higher military educational institution. It prepares officers specialising in physical education and sport

Miloradovich M.A. governor-general in 1818-25

MILORADOVICH Mikhail Andreevich (1771-1825, St. Petersburg), count (1813), statesman and military figure, infantry general (1809). He attended Koningsberg and Gottingen universities, studied the science of warfare in Metz and Strasbourg

Milutin D.A., (1816-1912), Field-Marshal General, statesman

MILUTIN Dmitry Alexeevich (1816-1912), count (from 1878), statesman and military leader, historian and author of memoirs, Field Marshal General (1898), Adjutant General (1859), Honorary Fellow of the St

Ministry of the Navy

MINISTRY OF THE NAVY, one of the Russian Navy Administration's central public institutions, responsible for naval units and facilities, recruitment, logistics and maintenance, and combat activity

Ministry of War

MINISTRY OF WAR (in 1802-08, called the Ministry of Land Forces), a central government institution, military headquarters in the 19th - early 20th centuries. Instituted according to the Manifesto of 8 September 1802

Mordvinov S.I. (1701-1777), Admiral

MORDVINOV Semen Ivanovich (1701-1777, St. Petersburg), Admiral (1764). The father of N.S. Mordvinov. Studied in Novgorod and Narva Mathematical Schools, graduated from the Naval Academy in St. Petersburg (1716)

Moscow Life Guards Regiment

MOSCOW LIFE GUARDS REGIMENT, infantry guards regiment, formed in 1811 out of the 1st Life Guards Battalion of Preobrazhensky Regiment as the Life-Guards Litovsky (Lithuanian) Regiment, in 1817 named the Moscow (Moskovsky) Life-guards Regiment

Mozhaysky Military Space Engineering Academy

MOZHAYSKY MILITARY SPACE ENGINEERING ACADEMY (MSEA) (13 Zhdanovskaya Embankment), higher military educational institution. It prepares engineers and scientists

Mozhaysky А.F. (1825-1890), constructor

MOZHAYSKY Alexander Fedorovich (1825-1890, St. Petersburg), inventor, creator of an aircraft heavier than the air, Rear-Admiral. (1886). Graduated from the Naval Cadet School (1841)

Munnich B. K. (1683-1767), Engineer, Governor General 1728-34

MUNNICH Christofor Antonovich (Burchard Kristoff) (1683-1767, St. Petersburg), Count (1728), statesman and military figure, General Field Marshal (1732). He was German by birth, came to Russian service in 1721

Nakhimov Navy School

NAKHIMOV NAVY SCHOOL (before 1991, the Leningrad Nakhimov Navy School), at 2-4 Petrogradskaya Embankment, is a specialised men's boarding secondary school named after Admiral P.S. Nakhimov (1802-1855)

Narodovolets D-2, submarine memorial complex

NARODOVOLETS (10 Shkipersky Canal), memorial complex, affiliation of the Central Navy museum, opened in 1994. Narodovolets (D-2) was one of the first three Soviet submarines, constructed at the Baltic Shipbuilding Works in 1927-31

Naval Cadet Corps

NAVAL CADET CORPS, naval educational institution for training of fleet officers. Started as the School of Navigation and Marine Sciences founded by Peter the Great in Moscow in 1701

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