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Military Engineering University

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MILITARY ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY (MEU) (22 Zakharyevskaya Street), upper military educational institution preparing officers of engineer and building specialties for all branches of troops. It was founded in 1939 as the Upper Naval Engineering Construction School on the base of the Leningrad Industrial Construction Engineers Institute. It was renamed the Upper Naval Engineering Technical School, and enlarged with the Sea Faculty of the Military Engineering Academy in August of the same year. From September 1960, it had been called the Order of the Red Banner Upper Military Engineering School and became part of the construction troops. From January 1974, the university was named after A.N. Komarovsky. In August 1993, it was reformed as the Military Facilities Engineering Institute, which received its present-day name in June 1997, and merged with the Pushkin Upper Military Facilities Engineering School. MEU embodies nine faculties preparing specialists in the following branches: military construction, military energy resource engineering, sanitary engineering, naval base construction, mechanisation of construction. The University is situated in the former barracks of the Cavalier-Guard Regiment.

G. V. Kalashnikov.

Komarovsky Alexander Nikolaevich

Zakharievskaya Street/Saint Petersburg, city, house 22

SS. Zachariah and Elizabeth Church

SS. ZACHARIAH AND ELIZABETH CHURCH of Cavalry Guard Regiment, located at 22 Zakharyevskaya Street, an architectural monument. The first stone church for the staff of the Court Chancellery was constructed on this place in 1752-53

The Palace of Countess O.V. Gogenfelsen Princess Paley

In 1910 Countess O.V. Gogenfelsen, the wife of Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich, bought a luxurious country house in Pashkov Lane. Among former owners there was State Councilor I.D
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