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50th Anniversary of October Memorial Park

50TH ANNIVERSARY OF OCTOBER MEMORIAL PARK is located in the north-east of St. Petersburg, in Polyustrovo, between Metallistov Avenue, Revolyutsii Highway and Marshala Tukhachevskogo Street. The total area of the park is 32 hectares

Alexandria, palace and park ensemble (Peterhof)

ALEXANDRIA, palace and park ensemble of Peterhof located to the east of the Lower Park and occupying a territory of 115 hectares. Since 1711, the estate of A.D

Alexandrovsky Park

ALEXANDROVSKY PARK (Pushkin town), a landscape monument, situated to the west of Catherine Park, forming a part of the Tsarskoe Selo palace park ensemble and comprising of 120 hectares

Alexandrovsky Park (Pushkin)

ALEXANDROVSKY PARK (Pushkin), a landscape architecture monument, situated west of Ekaterininsky Park. The park is a part of Tsarskoe Selo palace and park ensemble. Alexandrovsky Park covers an area of 120 hectares

Aviators' Park

AVIATORS' PARK is situated in the southern part of St. Petersburg, between Novo-Izmailovsky Avenue and Basseynaya, Kubinskaya, and Kuznetsovskaya Streets, occupying as total 35.2 hectares

Babolovsky Park (Pushkin town)

BABOLOVSKY PARK (Pushkin town), a monument of landscape architecture situated in the southwestern part of Pushkin town is a part of Tsarskoe Selo palace park ensemble. Its area consists of 268,8 hectares

Babushkina Park

BABUSHKINA PARK, located at 149 Obukhovskoy Oborony Avenue, is situated in the southeast of St. Petersburg, on the left bank of Neva, between Obukhovskoy Oborony Avenue, Zheleznodorozhny Avenue, Farforovskaya Street and Babushkina Street

Catherine Park (Pushkin town), ensemble

CATHERINE PARK (Pushkin town), a monument of landscape architecture and the central part of Tsarskoe Selo palace ensemble. Its consists of a total of 107 hectares The park consists of a grassed and a landscape areas, divided by the Great Pond

Central Park of Culture and Recreation

CENTRAL PARK OF CULTURE AND RECREATION was opened on Elagin Island in 1931 on the basis of a park which existed from the second half of the 18th century. The park was named after S. M. Kirov from 1934 until the beginning of the 1990s

Deviatogo Yanvarya Children Park

DEVIATOGO YANVARYA CHILDREN PARK (20 Stachek Avenue) is located between Shvetsov Street, Marshal Govorov Street, Tikhomirskaya Street and Stachek Avenue. It consists of 10


EKATERINHOF, a country estate. Tsar Peter the Great presented it to his wife Ekaterina Alexeevna (the future Empress Catherine I) in 1711. It was situated on Ekaterinhofsky Island

English Park (Peterhof)

ENGLISH PARK is situated in the west part of Peterhof, in the lower course of Shinkarka River, to the north of Egerskaya Settlement and to the northwest of Lugovoy Park. Stary Petergof railway station is situated at its southwest outskirts

Hero-city Park

HERO-CITY PARK is situated in the south of St. Petersburg, between Pulkovskoe Highway, Moscovskoe Highway and Dunaysky Avenue. It was laid out on the site of orchards and vegetable gardens in 1972-80 and had an area of 25 hectares

Internationalistov Park

INTERNATIONALISTOV PARK is situated in the south part of St. Petersburg, in Kupchino, between Slavy Avenue, Yuzhnoe Freeway, Bukharestskaya Street and Sofiiskaya Street

Izmailovsky Garden

IZMAILOVSKY GARDEN is situated in the centre of St. Petersburg, between No 114 and 116а Fontanka River Embankment and Derzhavina Lane. The Polsky Garden is located to the west of the lane. The Izmailovsky Garden is 1.3 hectares in size

Lower Park (Petrodvorets)

LOWER PARK forms the main part of the Peterhof Palace and Park Ensemble, located on an area adjacent to the Gulf of Finland which is actually lower than sea level, hence its name. The total area of the park is 102

Morskie Dubki, Park (Lisy Nos)

MORSKIE DUBKI is a park at the West end of the village Lisy Nos. It stretches in a strip near the shore of the Gulf of Finland. Its length is approximately 500 metres and its width ranges from 100 to 250 metres

Moskovsky Park of Victory

MOSKOVSKY PARK OF VICTORY (188 Moskovsky Avenue) is located in the south of St. Petersburg, between Moskovsky Avenue and Gagarin Avenue. A project of a district Park of Culture and Recreation

Oranienbaum, palace and park ensemble

ORANIENBAUM, a palace and park ensemble (Lomonosov town) that started to form during the first quarter of the 18th century, when the country estate of A.D. Menshikov appeared on the coast of the Gulf of Finland 44 kilometres from St. Petersburg

Orlovsky Park (Strelna)

ORLOVSKY PARK is a landscape park following English traditions. It was laid out in the first half of the 19th century (architect P. S. Sadovnikov) in the estate of Count A. F. Orlov in Strelna

Osinovaya Roshcha, the Park

OSINOVAYA ROSHCHA (Aspen Grove) is a park in the village of the same name. It is located two kilometres to the north-east of Levashovo Railway Station. Osinovaya Roshcha is an architectural landscape monument of the end of the 18th - beginning of

Parks (entry)

PARKS are monuments of landscape architecture located in various landscape environments. There are parks located on the lower and on the upper terraces of the Gulf of Finland (the parks of Petrodvorets and Lomonosov)

Pavlovsk, Palace and Park Ensemble

PAVLOVSK, the palace and park ensemble in the town Pavlovsk, is one of the biggest landscape parks in Europe. Its total area is 600 hectares. In 1777, the estate located here was presented by Empress Catherine II to her son Prince Pavel Pavlovich on

Peterhof, palace and park ensemble

PETERHOF, the palace and park ensemble in Petrodvorets. Until 1917, remained a summer imperial residence on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland. The construction of Peterhof started in 1709 at the command of Tsar Peter the Great

Petrovsky Park

PETROVSKY PARK is located on Petrovsky Island, along the left bank of the Zhdanovka River. It is surrounded with Petrovsky Avenue. Landscape planning of the present-day park (the total area is approximately 6

Pionersky Park

PIONERSKY PARK is located in Piskarevka District, between Mechnikova Avenue, Piskarevsky Avenue and Bestuzhevskaya Street. The total area of the park is 12.4 hectares, including seven hectares of lawn. It was laid out in 1968

Primorsky Park of Victory

PRIMORSKY PARK OF VICTORY is located on Krestovsky Island. The total area of the park is 168 hectares. Primorsky Park was laid out according to the designs of architect A. S

Separate Park, The

The Separate Park with the Colonist Pond ( it is situated along Pavlovsk Road). It was laying out by the architect A.A.Menelaws and gardeners F.F. Lyamin and I.F. Piper in 1824 - 1825. It was partly replaned in the middle of the 19th cent

Shuvalovsky Park

SHUVALOVSKY PARK is located between the village Pargolovo and the Zamanilovka River. It is a landscape architectural monument of the 19th century. The total area of the park is 134.5 hectares

Sosnovaya Polyana, the Park

SOSNOVAYA POLYANA is a park in the south-west of St. Petersburg between Veteranov Avenue and Narodnogo Opolcheniya Avenue. To the west is Sosnovka District. The total area is 58 hectares. The park was laid out in 1968

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