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Zemlya i Volya (Land and Liberty) of 1870s

ZEMLYA I VOLYA (Land and Liberty) of 1870s, an illegal revolutionary organization that was founded in St. Petersburg in 1876 as the Northern Revolutionary Group of Narodniks (Populists) or the Society of Narodniks renamed in 1878

Zemtsov M.G. (1688-1743), architect.

ZEMTSOV Mikhail Grigoryevich (1688-1743, St. Petersburg), architect, graphic artist, theorist of architecture, representative of the early Baroque. He studied at the Armoury Printing House School in Moscow. He worked in St

Zenit, football club

ZENIT, football club. Established in May 1925, under the name of Stalinets (from 1940 - Zenit). Zenit FC participated in the USSR championships from 1936 (from 1938 off and on in the major league)

Zhakov О.P., (1905-1988), an actor

ZHAKOV Oleg Petrovich (1905-1988), actor, People’s Artist of the USSR (1969). Graduated from the Leningrad School of Stage Arts in 1929. He played about 60 roles in Russian cinema, starting with bit parts in films by G. M. Kozintsev and L. Z

Zhdanov A.A. the 1st secretary of the regional party committee in 1934-44

ZHDANOV Andrey Alexandrovich (1896-1948), statesman and party worker, colonel-general (1944). He was educated in Petrovsko-Razumovskaya agricultural academy and Moscow commercial institute (did not graduate)

Zhdanovskaya Street and Embankment

ZHDANOVSKAYA EMBANKMENT, running from Bolshoy Avenue of the Petrogradskaya Side to Novoladozhskaya Street. The embankment was formed in the 18th century as a passage along the right bank of the Zhdanovka River

Zhebelev S.A., (1867-1941), historian

ZHEBELEV Sergey Alexandrovich (1867, St. Petersburg - 1941, Leningrad), historian, Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1927). Graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology of Petersburg University in 1890

Zhelobovsky A.A. (1834-1910), protopresbyter

ZHELOBOVSKY Alexander Alexeevich (1834-1910, St. Petersburg), chaplain. Zhelobovsky graduated from St. Petersburg Theological Academy in 1859. Starting in 1866, he led divine services at regimental churches of St. Petersburg

Zhelyabov A. I. (1851-1881), revolutionary

ZHELYABOV Andrey Ivanovich (1851-1881, St. Petersburg), a revolutionary Narodnik (Populist). He was born in a family of serfs. When studying at Novorossiysky University, Odessa, in 1869-71, he was expelled after participating in student unrest

Zhernovka, locality

ZHERNOVKA, locality in the northern part of St. Petersburg. Its name derived from a former village, known from 1778, which was situated on the left bank of the Zhernovka River (the Lapka) at the place where the Zhernovka converged with the Okhta

Zheymo Y.B. (1909-1987), film actress

ZHEYMO Yanina Boleslavovna (1909-1987), film, variety, and theatre actress. She was a circus actress from childhood and variety actress in 1925-27. She graduated from the Factory of Eccentricity Workshop in 1929 and studied at the Leningrad

Zhirmunsky V.M., (1891-1971), philologist

ZHIRMUNSKY Viktor Maximovich (1891, St. Petersburg - 1971, Leningrad), philologist, Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1966). Graduated from the Tenishev School in 1908 and the Faculty of History and Philology of Petersburg University in

Zhizn (Life), journal

ZHIZN (Life), social-political, literary and scientific journal, published in St. Petersburg from January 1897 to April 1901 (until April 1899 it appeared three times a month, subsequently monthly), at various times edited and published by S. V

Zhukov G.K. (1896-1974), military commander, Marshal

ZHUKOV Georgy Konstantinovich (1896-1974), Soviet military commander, Marshal of the Soviet Union (1943), Hero of the Soviet Union (1939, 1944, 1945, 1956). Graduated from the courses of the Supreme Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Committee of

Zhukovskogo Street

ZHUKOVSKOGO STREET, running from Liteiny Avenue to Ligovsky Avenue. Previously known as Malaya Italyanskaya Street, the street assumed its present-day name in 1902 in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the death of V.A. Zhukovsky

Zhukovsky V.A. (1783-1852), poet

ZHUKOVSKY Vasily Andreevich (1783-1852), poet, translator, member of the Russian Academy (1818), member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1841; honorary member from 1827), privy counsellor (1841)

Zhuravsky D.I., (1821-1891), architectural engineer, builder of bridges.

ZHURAVSKY Dmitry Ivanovich (1821-1891, St. Petersburg), engineer, privy counsellor (1876), conferred the Demidov Award (1855). He graduated from the Engineering Corps Institute for Transport Communications (1842)

Ziloti (Siloti) A.I. (1863-1945), pianist, conductor

ZILOTI (Siloti) Alexander Ilyich (1863-1945), pianist, conductor, musical figure. Graduated from the Moscow Conservatory in 1882, went on to improve his skills and knowledge under F. Liszt, and started playing tours

Zimny Bridges

ZIMNY BRIDGES, two bridges across the Winter Canal. The first Zimny Bridge was constructed in Millionnaya Street (mid 19th century, German Bridge, named after the name of the street of that time; before 1964 it was called Zimny (Winter) Bridge)

Zinin N.N., (1812-1880), chemist

ZININ Nikolay Nikolaevich (1812-1880, St. Petersburg), organic chemist, Member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1858). Graduated from Kazan University in 1833

Zinoviev A.D. (1854-1931), Civilian Governor

ZINOVIEV Alexander Dmitrievich (1854-1931), statesman, Secret Counsellor (1906). He graduated from the Faculty of Law of St. Petersburg University (1877). In 1884-97, he served as an elector from the nobility in St. Petersburg Region

Zinovyev G.E., a chairman of Petrograd Soviet in 1918-26

ZINOVIEV Grigory Evseevich (born Ovsey-Gershen Aronovich Radomyshelsky, or Radomyslsky) (1883-1936), statesman and party worker. A member of Russian Social-Democratic Workers' Party since 1901

Znamenka, manor

ZNAMENKA (originally Znamenskaya grange), a manor on Peterhof Road, situated east of Alexandria Palace and Park Ensemble (see also Peterhof). Given in 1710 to I.I. Rzhevsky; since 1755 it belonged to count A.G

Zodchiy (The Architect), journal

ZODCHIY (The Architect), an architectural and technical art journal of the St. Petersburg Architects Society, published in 1872-1917 (until 1901 circulating as a monthly, later as a weekly journal). One issue came out in 1924

Zoning (entry)

ZONING, division of the city territory into separate parts with the purpose of separate government or assigning different purposes to each zone according to some criterion. There are over 50 different variants of state and sectoral zoning in St

Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

ZOOLOGICAL INSTITUTE of the Russian Academy of Sciences, situated at 1 Universitetskaya Embankment, the leading research institution specialised in zoology and the centre of comprehensive study of Russia's fauna

Zoological Park

ZOOLOGICAL PARK (until 1952, the Zoological Garden), a cultural, educational and scientific institution, where wild and certain domestic animals are kept, demonstrated and studied

Zoshchenko M.M. (1894-1958), writer

ZOSHCHENKO Mikhail Mikhailovich (1895, St. Petersburg - 1958, Sestroretsk), writer. Studied at the Eighth Gymnasium, then at the Faculty of Law of Petersburg University (dismissed for non-payment)

Zotov N.M. (c. 1644-1717), statesman

ZOTOV Nikita Moiseevich (c. 1644-1717), count (1710), statesman, secret councillor (1711). In 1677-80 he was Tsar Peter the Great's teacher and tutor. Participated in the Azov Campaign (1695-96)

Zubov A.F., (1682 - after 1750), Artist

ZUBOV Alexey Fedorovich (c. 1682 - after 1750) engraver. He studied icon painting at the Armoury Chamber in Moscow (1695-1700). In 1701-05, he was a student and later assistant to engraver A. Schonebeck