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Entries / Zinoviev A.D. (1854-1931), Civilian Governor

Zinoviev A.D. (1854-1931), Civilian Governor

Categories / City Administration/Personalia

ZINOVIEV Alexander Dmitrievich (1854-1931), statesman, Secret Counsellor (1906). He graduated from the Faculty of Law of St. Petersburg University (1877). In 1884-97, he served as an elector from the nobility in St. Petersburg Region. In 1897-02 he was the leader of nobility in the Region. In 1903-11, Zinoviev served as St. Petersburg Civilian Governor; in 1907-10, he was chief administrator of St. Petersburg Region. Malo-Krestovsky Bridge (1904), the Educational House on Grechesky Avenue (1905) were built during his time in office, the building of the Church of Resurrection was completed(1907), and 7 free of charge city athenaeums were opened. In 1911, he was appointed a member of the State Council. He owned almost 8 thousand dessiatinas of land in Yamburgsky District of St. Petersburg Region. In St. Petersburg he lived at 8 Glinki Street, and at 7 Tenth Line of Vasilievsky Island. Emigrated in 1918. Died in Rome.

Reference: Длуголенский Я. Н. Военно-гражданская и полицейская власть Санкт-Петербурга, 1703-1917. СПб., 2001. С. 237-239.

D. N. Shilov.

Zinoviev Alexander Dmitrievich

10th Line of Vasilievsky Island/Saint Petersburg, city, house 7
Glinka St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 8

Длуголенский Я. Н. Военно-гражданская власть Санкт-Петербурга, 1703-1917. СПб., 2001

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