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Kostenko M.P., (1889-1976), Electrical Engineer

KOSTENKO Mikhail Polievktovich (1889-1976, Leningrad), electrical engineer, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1953), Hero of Socialist Labour (1969). He graduated from Petrograd Polytechnic Institute (1918), and later taught there

Kozitsky Factory

KOZITSKY FACTORY (70, Fifth Line of Vasilievsky Island), a closed joint-stock company (from 1993) is the largest enterprise of the region making and servicing TV sets of the new generation

Krasnaya Zarya, plant

KRASNAYA ZARYA (60 Bolshoy Sampsonievsky Avenue), open joint-stock company, for many years was one of the leading companies in the area of development and production of telephone equipment

Krasnoe Znamya, factory

KRASNOE ZNAMYA (25 Krasnogo Kursanta Street), open joint-stock company, enterprise manufacturing knitted goods. It was founded in 1855 by French merchant I.O. Natus, in 1866 it was bought by German merchant F.V. Kersten, after whose death (1884) E.P

Krasny Treugolnik, plant

KRASNY TREUGOLNIK (138 Obvodny Canal Embankment), an open joint-stock company, an enterprise making footwear from polymer materials. It was founded in 1860 by Hamburg merchant F

Krasny Vyborzhets, Plant

KRASNY VYBORZHETS (12 Sverdlovskaya Embankment), open joint-stock company, one of the leading enterprises in the country manufacturing non-ferrous metals. It was founded in 1857 by F. F. Gauch, was later bought by merchant K. F

Krasovsky M.V. (1851-1911), entrepreneur, public and political figure

KRASOVSKY Mikhail Vasilievich (1851-1911), public and political figure, entrepreneur, privy counsellor (1893). Graduated from the Faculty of Law of Kiev University (1871), from 1872 in St

Krylov A.N., (1863-1945), Mathematician, Naval Architect

KRYLOV Alexey Nikolaevich (1863-1945, Leningrad) was mathematician, naval architect, academician of St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1916), of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1917), of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1925)


LENENERGO (1 Field of Mars), an open joint-stock company supplying electric power and heating to citizens of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region. It was founded in 1918 for management of nationalised city power stations and was called OGES

Leninets, holding

LENINETS (212 Moskovsky Avenue), the first holding company in Russia founded in 1992 on the basis of enterprises specialising in development and manufacture of radio electronics

Leningrad Metallurgic Plant (LMP)

LENINGRAD METALLURGIC PLANT (LMP) (18 Sverdlovskaya Embankment), open joint-stock company, the largest pipe-building enterprise of the country. It was founded in 1857 by merchant S.N. Rasteryaev, St

Leningrad Trading House

LENINGRAD TRADING HOUSE (DLT), closed joint-stock company, a trading company and department store situated at 21-23 Bolshaya Konuyshennaya Street. It was opened in 1927 in the building of the former Trading House of the Guards’ Economic Society


LENPOLIGRAFMASH (5 Karpovka River Embankment), an open joint-stock company from 1991, the largest regional enterprise developing and manufacturing printing and processing equipment. The company originated from I. A


LOMO (20 Chugunnaya Street), the largest Russian manufacturer and seller of optomechanical and optoelectronic devices. The Company began as the first Russian optomechanical plant founded by the Russian Joint-Stock Company of Optical and Mechanical

Lomonosov Porcelain Factory

LOMONOSOV PORCELAIN FACTORY (LPF) (151 Obukhovskoy Oborony Anevue) is the largest porcelain factory in the country, leading manufacturer of decorative porcelain. The factory was established in 1744 as the Portselinovaya Manufactory

Markets (general)

MARKETS. Markets, especially food markets, were very popular in Russia as early as before the time of Peter the Great. The first market appeared in St. Petersburg in 1705 on Troitskaya Square with hundreds of stalls, but no windows or ovens

Mosin S.I., (1849-1902), Designer

MOSIN Sergey Ivanovich (1849-1902) was a designer of arms, Major-General (1900). He graduated from Mikhailovskaya Artillery Academy (1875). Mosin headed the Sestroretsk Arms Plant (1894-1902)

Mutual Credit Societies

MUTUAL CREDIT SOCIETIES, institutions founded on a partnership basis to grant short-term loans. A member of a mutual credit society would undertake obligations for a specified amount

Nevskaya Manufaktura, Factory

NEVSKAYA MANUFAKTURA (50 Oktyabrskaya Embankment), an open joint-stock company, manufacturer of woolen cloth, non-woven fabrics, and industrial cloth. Founded by English merchant J

Nevsky Plant

NEVSKY PLANT (51 Obukhovskoy Oborony Avenue) open joint-stock company, an engineering plant, a leading supplier of equipment for gas pipelines, metallurgy, and chemical industry. Founded by mining engineers P. F. Semyannikov and V. A

Nobel Family, entrepreneurs

NOBEL FAMILY, entrepreneurs from Sweden. Emmanuel Nobel (1801-72), a professor of descriptive geometry and engineering at Stockholm Technological Institute, came to Russia in 1837, and his family moved to St. Petersburg in 1842

Nobility State Land Bank

NOBILITY STATE LAND BANK (12 Admiralteyskaya Embankment). Founded in 1885 to support landownership, the bank was the most important link of the mortgage chain. The bank's activities covered the European part of Russia except for the Grand Duchy of

Northern Cable, the factory

Northern Cable (40 Kozhevennaya Line) was an open joint-stock company, the oldest factory in the country dealing in design and manufacturing of cable and conductors, mainly of complicated design

Northern Shipyard Plant

NORTHERN SHIPYARD PLANT (6 Korabelnaya Street) is an open joint-stock company, a large hi-tech factory building military ships, commercial ships, and complex nautical equipment

Obukhov P. M. (1820-1869), entrepreneur

OBUKHOV Pavel Matveevich (1820-1869), metallurgist, Actual Civil Counsellor (1868). Obukhov graduated from the Corps of Mining Engineers Institute in 1843. Serving at Urals plants, he developed a technology for producing high-quality crucible steel

Obukhovsky Plant

OBUKHOVSKY PLANT (129 Obukhovskoy Oborony Avenue), one of the largest defense sector companies of the country. Founded by engineers P. M. Obukhov and N. I. Putilov and merchant S. G

Pal K. Y. (1845-1910), entrepreneur

PAL Karl Yakovlevich (1845, St. Petersburg - 1910, St. Petersburg), entrepreneur, hereditary honorary citizen, first-guild merchant in 1884. After he left Annenschule in 1863 he devoted himself to business activities

Particulyarnaya Shipyard

PARTICULYARNAYA SHIPYARD (civil shipyard)(1st Nevskaya Shipyard), built by architects G. Mattarnovi, N. Gerbel, and D. Trezzini on the left bank of the Fontanka opposite the Summer Gardens in 1715-22

Passage, department store

PASSAGE (48 Nevsky Prospect), a trade-manufacturing company and a department store, private corporation (as of 1992). It originates from the Passage store, built in 1846-48 (architect R.A. Zhelyazevich; rebuilt in 1900 by architect S.S

Pawnshops (entry)

PAWNSHOPS, credit institutions granting loans against movable property. The first pawnshops were founded in St. Petersburg in 1729 as Emperor Peter the Great commanded that the Mint Office should grant interest-bearing loans against gold and silver

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