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Lazarev M.P. (1788-1851), admiral

LAZAREV Mikhail Petrovich (1788-1851), navigator, admiral (1843). Graduated from the Naval Cadet Corps in 1803 (17 Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment, memorial plaque installed), and was sent on scholarship to Great Britain

Levchenko G.I, (1897-1981), Admiral

LEVCHENKO Gordey Ivanovich (1897-1981), Admiral (1944). From 1913 served in the Baltic Fleet. Graduated from the Naval Cadet School (1914), completed Courses of Artillery Corporals in Kronstadt (1916)

Loris-Melikov M.T. (1825-1888), statesman

LORIS-MELIKOV Mikhail Tarielovich (1824-1888), Count (1878), statesman and military officer, Cavalry General (1875), Adjutant General (1865). After graduating from the Guards Schools for Ensigns and Cavalry Cadets in St

Makarov S.O. (1848-1904), oceanographer, vice-admiral

MAKAROV Stepan Osipovich (1848-1904), fleet commander, naval scientist, Vice-Admiral (1896). Graduated from Naval School in Nikolaevsk- Na-Amure (1865). Served on the Baltic Fleet from 1869

Matsievich L.M. (1877-1910), engineer, pilot

MATSIEVICH Lev Markovich (1877-1910, St. Petersburg), military engineer, one of the first Russian aviators. Graduated from Kharkov Technological Institute (1901), Nikolaevskaya Naval Academy (1906)

Menshikov A.D. (1672/73-1729), governor general

MENSHIKOV Alexander Danilovich (1672 or 1673-1729), count (1702), Serene High Prince of Izhora (1707), a statesman and a military leader, Generalissimo (1727). Once a friend of the young Tsar Peter the Great's, later becoming his closest associate

Meretskov K.A. (1897-1968), military commander, marshal

MERETSKOV Kirill Afanasievich (1897-1968), Soviet military commander, Marshal of the Soviet Union (1944), Hero of the Soviet Union (1940). Participated in the Civil War

Mikhail Pavlovich, Grand Prince (1798-1849)

MIKHAIL PAVLOVICH (1798, St. Petersburg – 1849), Grand Prince, Adjutant General (1831), member of the State Council (1825), Senator (1834), Honorary Member of the Imperial Military Academy (1832)

Miloradovich M.A. governor-general in 1818-25

MILORADOVICH Mikhail Andreevich (1771-1825, St. Petersburg), count (1813), statesman and military figure, infantry general (1809). He attended Koningsberg and Gottingen universities, studied the science of warfare in Metz and Strasbourg

Milutin D.A., (1816-1912), Field-Marshal General, statesman

MILUTIN Dmitry Alexeevich (1816-1912), count (from 1878), statesman and military leader, historian and author of memoirs, Field Marshal General (1898), Adjutant General (1859), Honorary Fellow of the St

Mordvinov S.I. (1701-1777), Admiral

MORDVINOV Semen Ivanovich (1701-1777, St. Petersburg), Admiral (1764). The father of N.S. Mordvinov. Studied in Novgorod and Narva Mathematical Schools, graduated from the Naval Academy in St. Petersburg (1716)

Mozhaysky А.F. (1825-1890), constructor

MOZHAYSKY Alexander Fedorovich (1825-1890, St. Petersburg), inventor, creator of an aircraft heavier than the air, Rear-Admiral. (1886). Graduated from the Naval Cadet School (1841)

Munnich B. K. (1683-1767), Engineer, Governor General 1728-34

MUNNICH Christofor Antonovich (Burchard Kristoff) (1683-1767, St. Petersburg), Count (1728), statesman and military figure, General Field Marshal (1732). He was German by birth, came to Russian service in 1721

Nesterov P.N. (1887-1914), aviator

NESTEROV Peter Nikolaevich (1887-1914), military aviator, founder of aerobatics. Graduated from the Officers School of Aeronautics (1912, memorial plaque - 7 Parkovaya Street)

Nikolay Nikolaevich the Elder (1831-1891), Grand Prince

NIKOLAY NIKOLAEVICH the Elder (1831 Tsarskoe Selo - 1891), Grand Prince, Field Marshal General (1878). The third son of Emperor Nicholas I. From 1852, Inspector General of the Engineering Corps, and from 1864 Inspector General of the Cavalry

Nikolay Nikolaevich the Younger (1856-1929), Grand Prince

NIKOLAY NIKOLAEVICH the Younger (1856, St. Petersburg 1929), Grand Prince, General of Cavalry (1900), Adjutant General (1894). Son of Grand Prince Nikolay Nikolaevich the Elder

Panteleev Y.А. (1901-1983), Admiral

PANTELEEV Yury Alexandrovich (1901, St. Petersburg; 1983, Leningrad), Admiral (1953), Professor (1962). Completed Classes in Navigation for Commanders of the Naval Forces of the Red Army Revolutionary Committee (1925)

Popov M.M. (1902-1969), General

POPOV Markian Mikhailovich (1902-1969), Soviet military commander, General (1953), Hero of the Soviet Union (1965). From 1920 served in the Red Army. Graduated from Pskov Infantry Command Courses (1923)

Popov А.А. (1821-1898), Admiral

POPOV Andrey Alexandrovich (1821-1898, St. Petersburg), naval architect, Admiral (1891), Adjutant General (1871). Graduated from the Naval Cadet School (1837). In 1837-38 entered service with the Baltic Fleet

Potemkin G. A. (1739-1791), statesman

POTEMKIN (from 1775 Potemkin-Tavrichesky) Grigory Alexandrovich (1739-1791), Count (1774) and His Highness, Prince (1775), statesman and military officer, favourite of Empress Catherine II, her secret spouse (from 1774) and virtual co-ruler

Rybalchenko S.D. (1903-1986), military commander, general

RYBALCHENKO Stepan Dmitrievich (1903-1986), Soviet military commander, Colonel General of the Air Force (1944). From 1918 served in the Red Army, participated in the Civil War

Senyavin А.N. (1716-1797), Admiral

SENYAVIN Alexey Naumovich (1716-1797), Admiral (1793). Participated in the Russo-Turkish War of 1735-39. From 1739 served in the Baltic Fleet. During the Seven Years' War of 1756-63 held command of a battleship

Shchastny A.M. (1881 - 1918), naval officer

SHCHASTNY Alexey Mikhailovich (1881 - 1918), naval officer, Captain (1917). Graduated from the Naval School (1901) and Mine Officer Classes (1905). Served in the Baltic Fleet, took part in WW I

Simonyak N.P. (1901-1956), military commander, General

SIMONYAK Nikolay Pavlovich (1901-1956, St. Petersburg), miltary commander, Lieutenant General (1944), Hero of the Sovit Union (1943). From 1918 in the service in the Red Army. Participated in the Civil War of 1917-22

Suvorov A.V.(1729-1800), military commander

SUVOROV Alexander Vasilyevich (1729-1800, St. Petersburg), military leader, Count of Rymnik (1789), Prince of Italy (1799), Generalissimo (1799). Received home education

Tributs V.F.(1900-1977), Admiral

TRIBUTS Vladimir Fillippovich (1900, St. Petersburg 1977), military commander, Admiral (1943), Doctor of History (1972). Graduated from Petrograd Military School for Medical Assistants (1917), was a medic assistant in the combined regiment of P.E

Tukhachevsky M.N. (1893-1937), military commander, marshal

TUKHACHEVSKY Mikhail Nikolaevich (1893-1937), Soviet military commander, Marshal of the Soviet Union (1935). Tukhachevsky graduated from the 1st Moskovsky Cadet School (1911), and Alexandrovsky Military School (1914)

Ushakov F.F.(1745-1817), Admiral

USHAKOV Fedor Fedorovich (1745-1817), Naval Commander, Admiral (1799). Graduated from the Naval Cadet School (1766; 17 Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment - memorial plaque)

Vladimir Alexandrovich (1847-1909), Grand Prince

VLADIMIR ALEXANDROVICH (1847, St. Petersburg- 1909, St. Petersburg), Grand Prince, statesman and military officer, Infantry General (1880), Adjutant General (1872), member of the State Assembly (1872), senator (1868), honorary member of the St

Vladimirsky L. А. (1903-1973),Admiral

VLADIMIRSKY Lev Anatolyevich (1903-1973), Admiral (1941), Candidate of Naval Sciences (1970). Graduated from the Naval Academy in Leningrad (1925, 47 Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment; memorial plaque)

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