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Adress index / Saint Petersburg, city / Sofiiskaya St.
История переименований:
Sofiyskaya St. (as of January 16, 1964)

Dunaysky Avenue

DUNAYSKY AVENUE, running from Predportovaya Street to Sofiyskaya Street, through Srednaya Rogatka and Kupchino. The avenue was named after the Danube River in 1968

Frunzensky District

FRUNZENSKY DISTRICT, an administrative and territorial unit of St. Petersburg, with its administration located at 46 Prazhskaya Street. Formed in 1936, it was named in honour of Soviet statesman and military commander M. V

Internationalistov Park

INTERNATIONALISTOV PARK is situated in the south part of St. Petersburg, in Kupchino, between Slavy Avenue, Yuzhnoe Freeway, Bukharestskaya Street and Sofiiskaya Street


OBUKHOVO, a landmark in southwest of Saint Petersburg, between Sofiyskaya Street, Alexandrovskoy Fermy Avenue, the Moskovskaya railway line and the Yuzhnoe railway semi-circle

Slavy Avenue

SLAVY AVENUE, between Vitebskaya Railway Line and Moskovskaya Railway Line. It was named in 1964 in honour of the military victories and feats of labour of Leningrad citizens

Toponymy of St. Petersburg

TOPONYMY OF ST. PETERSBURG, a corpus of names of geographical points situated on the territory of St. Petersburg. Names of rivers, islands, and villages located on the city's future territory appeared long before its foundation