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Slavy Avenue

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SLAVY AVENUE, between Vitebskaya Railway Line and Moskovskaya Railway Line. It was named in 1964 in honour of the military victories and feats of labour of Leningrad citizens. The road was constructed in the 1960s as the main thoroughfare for Kupchino, where there is large-scale housing construction and forms a part of the Central Ring Route (in the 1960s, a viaduct under Vitebskaya Railway Line was constructed; in 1975, another one appeared above Sortirovochnaya-Moskovskaya Station). The avenue was built up with residential and public houses since the 1960s (architect A.I. Naumov, D.S. Goldgor, et al.). The area close to Sofiiskaya Street was built up in the 1950-60s. In the 1980s-90s, four high-rise buildings emphasising the bend of Slavy Avenue were constructed. In 1982, the park was laid out on the site of former horticultures by the canal of the Volkovka River (today Internatsionalistov Park), there the monument to soldiers fallen in Afghanistan was opened in 1998 (sculptor N.A. Gordievsky, architect N.A. Tarasova). Close by is an indoor water park under construction since 2002. The granite bust of Marshal G.K. Zhukov was placed by building 28 (1995, sculptor V.I. Vinnichenko). On the even-numbered (left) side of Slavy Avenue, a complex of shops quartered in the halls of the former Kupchinsky Department Store and Slava Club and Casino are located. On the corner of Bukharestskaya Street, the construction of St. George Church was completed in 2002. The building of Bobkov branch of the Russian Customs Academy (52 Sofiiskaya Street) overlooks Gamburgskaya Square.

Reference: Лисовский В. Г. Ленинград: Р-ны новостроек. Л., 1983. С. 159-162.

G. Y. Nikitenko.

Bobkov V.B.
Goldgor David Semenovich
Gordievsky Nikolay Alexandrovich
Naumov Alexander Ivanovich
Tarasova Natalia Alexeevna
Vinnichenko Vladimir Ivanovich
Zhukov Georgy Konstantinovich

Bukharestskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Gamburgskaya Square/Saint Petersburg, city
Slavy Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, litera у д. 28
Slavy Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Sofiiskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 52
Sofiiskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city

Лисовский В. Г. Ленинград: Р-ны новостроек. Л., 1983