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The Saint Sophia Cathedral

Categories / Tsarskoe Selo and town of Pushkin. The digital chronological reference book/The Pantheon of military glory/Monuments dedicated to important events of the military history of Russia of the XVII - XIX centuries

The cathedral was built in commemoration of our victories in the Russo-Turkish wars.
The foundation stone of the cathedral was laid in the presence of Catherine II on July 30, 1782. The consecration took place on May 20, 1788.
The construction of the cathedral was supervised by architect C. Cameron. I.E. Stasov finished the construction.
The Saint Sophia Cathedral has five domes based on low stone cylinders. The central dome is double. A smaller dome similar to the one of the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople was built inside the central dome.
There is an Empress Catherine’s monogram and the inscription “Architect Charles Cameron” at the sanctuary.
On 1817, the Saint Sophia Cathedral becomes the Regiment Church of His Majesty's Life-Guards Cossack Regiment.
A monument to St Alexander Nevsky designed by sculptor V. Kazenyuk was erected in the territory of the cathedral on September 12, 1990 in commemoration of the 750th anniversary of the Neva Battle of 1240.

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