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Categories / Tsarskoe Selo and town of Pushkin. The digital chronological reference book/Chronicle of three centuries/1801 - 1825

27 January. The Lyceum Noble Boarding School, the preparatory educational establishment for the Lyceum, was opened in Sophia Town and it worked until 23 February 1829. Many its graduates became the prominent statesmen, military leaders, diplomats.

July. The first publication of the Lyceum pupil Aleksandr Pushkin was published in the magazine "Herald of Europe", it was the poem "To My Friend -Poet" sent to the magazine, in secret from the author of this poem, by Anton Delvig from Tsarskoye Selo. October. The Life-Guard Hussar Regiment returned to Tsarskoye Selo after the foreign military campaign and quartered in Sophia Town. P.Y. Chaadaev, A.G. Chavchavadze, N.N. Raevsky, P.P. Kaverin, D.K. Ipsilanti, N.I. Bukharov served in this regiment during this time. Many hussars became the close friends of A.S. Pushkin.

Bukharov, N.I.
Chaadaev Peter Yakovlevich
Chavchavadze, Aleksandr Garsevanovich
Delwig Anton Antonovich
Ipsilanti, Dmitry Konstantinovich
Kaverin Peter Pavlovich
Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich
Rayevsky, Nikolay Nikolayevuch

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