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Navy Institute, St.Petersburg

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NAVY INSTITUTE (NI), St. Petersburg, at 17 Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment, developed from the Moscow Cadet Corps, in the same building where the Courses for Command Personnel were instituted in 1918. It was re-organised into the Command Personnel School in 1919, and became the Frunze Navy School in 1926; in 1939, it was ranked as a "higher educational institution" and named the Higher Navy School (HNS). The Frunze Higher Navy School merged with the Lenin Komsomol Higher Navy School for Underwater Navigation and was named the Navy Institute on 1 November 1998. On the occasion of the 300-anniversary of naval education in Russia in January 2001, the institute was renamed the Peter the Great Sea Corps - St. Petersburg Navy Institute.

A. N. Lukirsky.

Frunze Mikhail Vasilievich

Leitenanta Schmidta Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 17

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Naval Cadet Corps

Admiral Makarov Sea Academy

ADMIRAL MAKAROV SEA ACADEMY (15a Kosaya Line) is a higher civil marine educational institution. Started as the Nautical Classes of St. Petersburg River Yacht Club, which were founded in 1876

Bolshaya Neva

BOLSHAYA NEVA, the largest left branch of the the Neva river delta; a continuation of the Neva River below the Dvortsovaya Bridge. The Bolshaya Neva flows into the Neva Bay of the Gulf of Finland, in the area surrounded by Vasilievsky Island

Drozd V.P.(1906-1943) Vice Admiral

DROZD Valentin Petrovich (1906-1943), Soviet military commander, Vice Admiral (1941). Graduated from Frunze Military Naval Academy (1928). In 1938-40, served as commander of the Northern Fleet

Govorov L.A. (1897-1955), military commander, Marshal

GOVOROV Leonid Alexandrovich (1897-1955), military commander, Marshal of the Soviet Union (1944), Hero of the Soviet Union (1945). In 1916 enrolled in Petrograd Polytechnic Institute

Krusenstern I.F. (1770-1846), navigator

KRUSENSTERN Ivan Fedorovich (1770-1846), navigator, corresponding member (1803), honorary member (1806) of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, Admiral. (1842). Graduated from the Naval Cadet School (1787)

Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment

LIEUTENANT SCHMIDT EMBANKMENT (until 1887, the Bolshaya Neva Embankment; until 1918, the Nikolaevskaya Embankment), on the right bank of the Bolshaya Neva River, between Seventh Line and Twenty Third Line of Vasilievsky Island. Named after P.P

Military Churches (entry)

MILITARY CHURCHES, churches attached to military units, emerged parallelly with the foundation of the city, set up as field churches in regimental settlements - garrison, infantry and guards quarters

Naval Cadet Corps

NAVAL CADET CORPS, naval educational institution for training of fleet officers. Started as the School of Navigation and Marine Sciences founded by Peter the Great in Moscow in 1701

Popov M.M. (1902-1969), General

POPOV Markian Mikhailovich (1902-1969), Soviet military commander, General (1953), Hero of the Soviet Union (1965). From 1920 served in the Red Army. Graduated from Pskov Infantry Command Courses (1923)

Rybalchenko S.D. (1903-1986), military commander, general

RYBALCHENKO Stepan Dmitrievich (1903-1986), Soviet military commander, Colonel General of the Air Force (1944). From 1918 served in the Red Army, participated in the Civil War

Simonyak N.P. (1901-1956), military commander, General

SIMONYAK Nikolay Pavlovich (1901-1956, St. Petersburg), miltary commander, Lieutenant General (1944), Hero of the Sovit Union (1943). From 1918 in the service in the Red Army. Participated in the Civil War of 1917-22

Tributs V.F.(1900-1977), Admiral

TRIBUTS Vladimir Fillippovich (1900, St. Petersburg 1977), military commander, Admiral (1943), Doctor of History (1972). Graduated from Petrograd Military School for Medical Assistants (1917), was a medic assistant in the combined regiment of P.E

Vladimirsky L. А. (1903-1973),Admiral

VLADIMIRSKY Lev Anatolyevich (1903-1973), Admiral (1941), Candidate of Naval Sciences (1970). Graduated from the Naval Academy in Leningrad (1925, 47 Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment; memorial plaque)