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Admiral Makarov Sea Academy

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ADMIRAL MAKAROV SEA ACADEMY (15a Kosaya Line) is a higher civil marine educational institution. Started as the Nautical Classes of St. Petersburg River Yacht Club, which were founded in 1876. The Peter the Great Seagoing School was established on the basis of the classes in May, 1902, becoming the Sea Technical School in 1924-44, and the Leningrad Higher Sea School in 1944. It was named after Admiral S.O. Makarov in 1954, and received its present-day name in 1990. A sailboat called World serves as the Sea Academy's training ship.

A. N. Lukirsky.

Makarov Stepan Osipovich
Peter I, Emperor

Kosaya Line/Saint Petersburg, city, house 15, litera л. А

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Yacht Clubs (entry)
Navy Institute, St.Petersburg

Boklevsky K.P., (1862-1928), Ship Building Engineer

BOKLEVSKY, Konstantin Petrovich (1862-1928) was a shipbuilding engineer and Major-General of the College of Naval Architects (1914). He graduated from the Technical College of the Naval Department (1884) and from Nikolaevskaya Naval Academy (1888)

Krusenstern I.F. (1770-1846), navigator

KRUSENSTERN Ivan Fedorovich (1770-1846), navigator, corresponding member (1803), honorary member (1806) of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, Admiral. (1842). Graduated from the Naval Cadet School (1787)

Krylov A.N., (1863-1945), Mathematician, Naval Architect

KRYLOV Alexey Nikolaevich (1863-1945, Leningrad) was mathematician, naval architect, academician of St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1916), of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1917), of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1925)

Makarov S.O. (1848-1904), oceanographer, vice-admiral

MAKAROV Stepan Osipovich (1848-1904), fleet commander, naval scientist, Vice-Admiral (1896). Graduated from Naval School in Nikolaevsk- Na-Amure (1865). Served on the Baltic Fleet from 1869

Mordvinov S.I. (1701-1777), Admiral

MORDVINOV Semen Ivanovich (1701-1777, St. Petersburg), Admiral (1764). The father of N.S. Mordvinov. Studied in Novgorod and Narva Mathematical Schools, graduated from the Naval Academy in St. Petersburg (1716)

Public Education (entry)

PUBLIC EDUCATION. It was Peter the Great who laid the basis for public education in St. Petersburg placing the greatest emphasis on military and professional education with the Naval Academy founded in approximately 1715

Publishing houses (entry)

PUBLISHING HOUSES. Publishing in St. Petersburg dates back to 1711, when Tsar Peter the Great ordered the St. Petersburg Printing House to be established. The first printed matter issued in St. Petersburg was Vedomosti newspaper

Rykachev M.A., (1840/41-1919), meteorologist

RYKACHEV Mikhail Alexandrovich (1840-1919, Petrograd), meteorologist, member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1896, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences since 1917), lieutenant general (1904)