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Dolgorukov Family

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DOLGORUKOV (Dolgoruky), princely family, the Rurik Dinasty, important in the 15th century. Yakov Fedorovich Dolgorukov (1639-1720, St. Petersburg) was a statesman, associate of Peter the Great's, boyar (1697), General Plenipotential War Commissar (1711), and senator (1712). In 1717, he was appointed President of the Revision Collegium (which started functioning in 1719). He participated in the investigation of Tsarevich Alexey Petrovich (1718). He was famous for his justice and integrity, often presented the most hard-hitting facts to Peter the Great in person, and liked the saying: "The truth is the best servant of the Tsar". He was buried at the Alexander Nevsky Monastery (grave not preserved). Sergey Nikolaevich Dolgorukov (1770-1829) was an Infantry General (1816) and Commandant of the Peter and Paul Fortress (1799-1801). Vasily Vasilievich Dolgorukov (1787, St. Petersburg - 1858) was an Ober-Stalmeister, Caretaker of the Court Horse Barn Bureau (1832-42), and leader of the St. Petersburg Province Nobility (1833-42). Vasily Andreevich Dolgorukov (1804-1868, St. Petersburg) was a statesman, General of Cavalry (1856), Adjutant General (1845), Chief-Chamberlain (1866), Deputy Minister of War (1848-53), Minister of War (1853-56, had directed the Ministry since 1852), member of the State Assembly (from 1853), Chief of Gendarmes and Chief of the Third Department of His Imperial Majesty's Own Chancellery (1856-66), and retired after D.V. Karakozov's assassination attempt on Emperor Alexander II. He was buried at the Lazarevskoe Cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. Ekaterina Mikhailovna Dolgorukova (married Gracious Princess Yuryevskaya) (1849-1922), a Court favourite, the morganatic wife of Emperor Alexander II (from 1880), mostly lived abroad after his murder by members of the Narodnaya Volya (People’s Will). She owned 46 Angliiskaya Embankment / 47 Galernaya Street, and a palace at 3 Gagarinskaya Street, where she organized Alexander II's Memorial Cabinet.

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M. O. Meltsin.

Alexander II, Emperor
Alexey Petrovich, Tsesarevitch
Dolgorukov Sergey Nikolaevich, Prince
Dolgorukov Vasily Andreevich, Prince
Dolgorukov Vasily Vasilievich, Duke
Dolgorukov Yakov Fedorovich, Duke
Dolgorukova Ekaterina Mikhailovna, Duchess
Karakozov Dmitry Vladimirovich
Peter I, Emperor
the Dolgorukovs

Angliiskaya Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 46
Gagarinskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 3
Galernaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 47

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