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Entries / Russian Bank of Commerce and Industry

Russian Bank of Commerce and Industry

Categories / Economy/Finances and Credit

RUSSIAN BANK OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (called Russian Commercial Bank of Commerce and Industry before 1907), a joint-stock commercial bank, opened in 1890. It was among the largest banks by 1914, its volume of transactions was high enough for the bank to rank 5th in the nation. The bank had 111 branches. Its major activities included granting credit and loans and distributing securities, as well as financing industries such as sugar production, cement industry, and - to a lesser extent - metallurgy, machine-building, and others. The bank cooperated closely with the Russian-Asian Bank from 1912. It also had close links to foreign capital, especially to British capital. The bank was located at 27 Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street until it moved to its own building at 15 Bolshaya Morskaya Street in 1915. The building was constructed by architect M. M. Peretyatkovich in 1912-15. It was nationalized after October 1917.

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V. S. Solomko.

Peretyatkovich Marian Marianovich

Bolshaya Konyushennaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 27
Bolshaya Morskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 15

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