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Persons / Bubnov Ivan Grigorievich scientist
Krylov Central Scientific and Research Institute

KRYLOV CENTRAL SCIENTIFIC AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE, located at 44 Moskovskoe Highway, dates back to the Experimental Pool in New Holland (1894), the first Russian scientific and research institution for shipbuilding

Lines of Vasilievsky Island (entry)

LINES Of VASILIEVSKY ISLAND, the historical name of a number of parallel streets that intersect Vasilievsky Island from the south to the north: First to Twenty-Ninth Lines, Birzhevaya Line, Kozhevennaya Line, Kosaya Line, Mendeleevskaya Line

Naval Technical University

NAVAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, St. Petersburg State Naval Technical University, situated at 3 Lotsmanskaya Street and 101 Leninsky Avenue. Founded in 1930 as Shipbuilding Institute on the basis of the shipbuilding department of the Polytechnical

Rubin, Central Design Office of Naval Equipment of the Russian Agency for Shipbuilding

RUBIN, Central Design Office for Naval Equipment of the Russian Shipbuilding Agency, located at 90 Marata Street, was established in 1900-02 by professional naval architect I. G. Bubnov

Ship-building Industry (general article)

SHIP-BUILDING INDUSTRY. From the beginning of the 18th century, St. Petersburg was a centre of Russian ship-building industry. On November 5, 1704, the first shipyard was founded here (see Admiralty Shipyard), by 1710 it employed some 4