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Address Directories

ADDRESS DIRECTORIES, reference publications containing information about addresses of people and institutions. The first address book in St. Petersburg Address and Reference Book in Russian, German and French Languages was published in 1809 by G

Address System (general article)

ADDRESS SYSTEM, the system of giving addresses to city objects and registration of city buildings and citizens. From the beginning of the 18th century, registration of citizens and gathering information about those entering the city was done by the

Administrative Division

ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISION, division of the city into separate parts (districts) governed by their own administrative organs subordinated to the city administration

Election districts

ELECTION DISTRICTS. There are two types of election districts on the territory of St. Petersburg: for the purpose of elections of deputies of the Legislative Assembly of St

Municipal Districts

MUNICIPAL DISTRICTS, administrative units in the structure of city districts of St. Petersburg (see Administrative division), were formed in 1997, they are governed by elected municipal councils

Police Blocks

POLICE BLOCKS are administrative police units within the structure of police force. According to the reform of 1782 St. Petersburg was divided into 10 units and 42 police blocks, from 50 up to 100 houses in each

Police Stations

POLICE STATIONS, administrative police units. They were created in the course of the police reform of1866-67 instead of police blocks. The territory of St. Petersburg was divided into 38 police stations (plus another four suburban units) preserving

Police Units

POLICE UNITS, the main units of administrative and territorial division of St. Petersburg in the 18th - early 20th centuries. In 1737, at the suggestion of the Commission on Construction in St


SECTIONS, the smallest administrative police unit. In October 1866, St. Petersburg was divided into 38 units (instead of police blocks), and units were divided into 93 sections

Territory of the City (entry)

TERRITORY OF THE CITY. In the 16th century, settlements subordinated to Spassky, Gorodensky, Nikolsky, Izhorsky and Vozdvizhensky Korboselsky churchyards of Great Novgorod existed on the territory of the present-day St. Petersburg

Voting Stations

VOTING STATIONS are locations where votes are cast and counted in elections of various officials. There is one voting station per 3,000 voters. In St. Petersburg there are about 1800 voting stations

Zoning (entry)

ZONING, division of the city territory into separate parts with the purpose of separate government or assigning different purposes to each zone according to some criterion. There are over 50 different variants of state and sectoral zoning in St