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Admiralty Fortress

ADMIRALTY FORTRESS, founded together with the Main Admiralty on 5 November 1704. The design of the fortress was drafted by Tsar Peter the Great under the guidance of Y.V. Bruce


FORTS. Fortifications in the area of the Gulf of Finland, built with the purpose of guarding approaches by the enemy to the Kronstadt Fortress. The first Kronschlot sea fort was opened in 1704

Founding of St. Petersburg

FOUNDING OF ST. PETERSBURG. In May 1703, after the surrender of Nyenschantz, Tsar Peter the Great decided to build a fortress at the mouth of the Neva River on Zayachy Island


KRONSCHLOT, a sea fort, the first fortification of the Kronstadt Fortress. It was founded in the winter of 1703-04 on a shallow in the Gulf of Finland, south of Kotlin Island based on the designs of Tsar Peter the Great

Kronstadt Fortress

KRONSTADT FORTRESS, a complex of fortifications supported by Kotlin Island, intended to defend St. Petersburg from the enemy naval attacks from the Gulf of Finland, the largest naval construction in the pre-revolutionary Russia

Kronverk (Crownwork)

KRONVERK (crownwork), the outer ground fortification of the St. Peter and Paul Fortress. It was built in the southern part of present-day Petrogradsky Island in 1705-08, reconstructed in 1752 (engineer A.P. Hannibal) and 1800 (engineer P.P. Berg)

Military fortifications (general article)

FORTIFICATIONS, makeshift, or permanent engineering buildings intended for defence. Among the permanent fortifications were the St. Peter and Paul Fortress and the Admiralty Fortress in St

Nevskie Gate

NEVSKIE GATE, in Nevsky curtain of the Peter and Paul Fortress. It was constructed in 1703, rebuilt in stone in 1747-48. The architectural decor of the facade from the side of the Neva River was done in 1787 (architect N.A


NYENSCHANTZ (the Swedish name for a fortification on the Neva; called Kantsy in Russian). A Swedish fortress and the town Nyen on the cape at the confluence of the Okhta River and the Neva River

Petrovskie Gate

PETROVSKIE GATE, the front gates of the St. Peter and Paul Fortress, in the Petrovskaya curtain between Gosudarev and Menshikov bastions, from the side of the Gorodskoy Island


SCHLOTBURG is the name given by Peter the Great to the captured Nyenschantz (the name was never taken on); in 1703-04, it was sometimes used as the name for all the settlements and construction sites down from it along the Neva (including St

Shlisselburg Fortress.

SHLISSELBURG FORTRESS (until 1612, named Oreshek, until 1702, Noteborg), an old Russian fortress on Orekhovy Island, at the Neva's headwaters on Lake Ladoga. It was founded by Novgorod residents in 1323

St. Peter and Paul fortress

ST. PETER AND PAUL FORTRESS, the historical centre of St. Petersburg, a monument of military engineering, the oldest engineering and architectural sight of the city