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Adress index / Saint Petersburg, city / Vyborgskoe Freeway
История переименований:
Vyborgskoe Freeway (as of 1858)
Vyborgsky highway (1836 - 1850s)
Vyborgskaya Road (1759 - 1830s)

Engelsa Avenue

ENGELSA AVENUE, a part of Vyborgskoe Freeway until 1918, running from Novosiltsevsky Lane past Third Verkhny Lane; the avenue is an extension of Bolshoy Sampsonievsky Avenue. The avenue was called so in honour of German socialist F. Engels (1820-95)

Manors and Dachas (entry)

MANORS AND DACHAS. Within the precincts of modern St. Petersburg a number of the 18th -19th centuries manors and dachas (summer residences) have been preserved, also there are some fragments of manors on Petergofskaya (Peterhof) road

Prosveshcheniya Avenue

PROSVESHCHENIYA AVENUE, between Vyborgskoe Freeway and Rustaveli Street. It goes through First Pargolovo, Shuvalovo - Ozerki, Ruchyi, the main thoroughfare of an extensive area of newly-constructed buildings. The name has been in use since 1970


SHUVALOVO, a locality in the northern part of Saint Petersburg along the banks of Lake Bolshoe (Nizhnee) Suzdalskoe. Shuvalovo is bounded by the Vyborgskoe Highway on the east, adjoining Pargolovo on the north, and Ozerki on the south


SHUVALOVO-OZERKI, the region of large-scale residential development in the north of St. Petersburg, between Vyborgskoe Freeway in the west, the line of circular railway in the north, Svetlanovsky Avenue in the east and Severny Avenue in the south

Shuvalovskoe Cemetery

SHUVALOVSKOE CEMETERY (106a Vyborgskoe Freeway). Situated in the northern part of St. Petersburg, on the east bank of Nizhnee Suzdalskoe Lake, in the Shuvalovo District

Starozhilovka, river

STAROZHILOVKA, a river in the north of St. Petersburg, in the area of Shuvalovo and Pargolovo. The river draws its water from the southern slope of the Pargolovo Hills and flows into Lake Nizhnee Bolshoe Suzdalskoe

Suzdalsky Lakes

SUZDALSKY LAKES include three meridional reservoirs in the northern St. Petersburg, Shuvalovo and Ozerki. They received their name from Suzdal settlement once existing in this area

Vyborgsky District

VYBORGSKY DISTRICT is an administrative territorial unit of St. Petersburg. (Its territory administration is located at 86 Bolshoy Sampsonievsky Avenue) The district was founded in 1917; and its present-day territorial borders were established in