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Suzdalsky Lakes

Categories / City Topography/Waterways and Currents/Lakes, Ponds

SUZDALSKY LAKES include three meridional reservoirs in the northern St. Petersburg, Shuvalovo and Ozerki. They received their name from Suzdal settlement once existing in this area. The Suzdlasky Lakes stretch in chain from Poklonnaya Mountain to Pargolovo. They are formed on the upper (20-30 meters) terrace, formed by glacial lakes, next to slopes of hummock-and-hollow kames topography of 50 meters high (the relief can be observed between Vyborg Highway, Bolshaya Ozernaya and Staroorlovskaya streets in the area of the Shuvalov Cemetery and the Third Pargolovo and Shuvalovo Park). Kames hills are surrounded with terraced surfaces of sand structure of local reservoir. The highest is Verkhneye Suzdalskoye Lake. It is located on the level of 23 meters. Its average length is 650 meters, its width - 400 metes, and depth - 11 meters. The lake is connected to Sredny Suzdalskoye Lake located at the height of 22.7 meters with a 200 meters strait. The lake is about 350 meters long, up to 400 meters wide and about 10 meters deep. The next strait (about 500 meters long) connects it to Nizhneye Suzdalsky Lake located at the height of 20 meters and surrounded with 3-10 meters hills. The lake is 2 km long, 450 meters wide (the maximum width is 700 meters) and about 10 meters deep. The River Starozhilovka flows in the lake, and the Kamenka River flows out of it. The Suzdalsky Lakes topography formed during Eoholocene simultaneously with the lowering of Baltic glacial lake and the formation of the Yoldia Sea with low altitudes. The Suzdalsky Lakes area has long been a summer resort and the territory of summer cottages construction for the nobility. Today, the territory to the east of Vyborg Highway is a construction site of the living premises. The lakes' banks house cottages and sport and recreational facilities. Their area is a popular recreation zone. The lakes are used for water supply purposes. Suzdalsky Avenue bears its name from the Suzdalsky Lakes.

Y. P. Seliverstov.

Bolshaya Ozernaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Staroorlovskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Suzdalsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
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