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Leningrad Region

LENINGRAD REGION, a federal subject of the Russian Federation located in the North-Western Federal District. Formed 1 June 1927, it has existed with its present boundaries since 1945

Leningrad Regional Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolshevik)

LENINGRAD REGIONAL COMMITTEE OF THE ALL-UNION COMMUNIST PARTY (BOLSHEVIK), later the Leningrad Regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was the leading organ of the Leningrad Regional Organisation of the Communist Party

Leningrad Soviet

LENINGRAD SOVIET (Leningrad City Soviet of People"s Deputies), the supreme authority on the terriory of Leningrad. It originated from Petrograd Soviet of working people and soldiers" deputies founded on February 27 (March 12 New Style)

Leningrad State Publishing House, publishing house

LENIZDAT (Leningrad State Publishing House) (59 Fontanka River Embankment), a publishing house established in the end of 1917 as a publishing house for Petrograd Soviet; at that time quartered in Smolny

Leningrad Trading House

LENINGRAD TRADING HOUSE (DLT), closed joint-stock company, a trading company and department store situated at 21-23 Bolshaya Konuyshennaya Street. It was opened in 1927 in the building of the former Trading House of the Guards’ Economic Society

Leningrad, journal

LENINGRAD, throughout different periods several journals circulated in the city under this name.1) From 1922 until 1925 - a bi-weekly illustrated literary and political journal (until 1924 was called Petrograd)

Leningradskaya Pravda (The Leningrad Truth), newspaper

LENINGRADSKAYA PRAVDA (The Leningrad Truth), (until 30 January 1924 Petrogradskaya pravda), a daily newspaper, functioned as an organ of the city and regional committees of the Communist Party and city and regional soviets

Leninskie Iskry (Lenin's Sparks), newspaper

LENINSKIE ISKRY (Lenin's Sparks), children’s and youth newspaper. It was founded as part of the North-West bureau of Children's Communist groups and Leningrad regional committee of the Revolutionary Communist Youth Union

Leninsky Avenue

LENINSKY AVENUE, running between Doblesti Street and Moskovskaya Square, part of the Central Circular Highway. It connects Yugo-Zapad and Ulyanka settlement, and Dachny and Moskovsky Avenues. The avenue, named in 1977 after V.I

Lennauchfilm, film studio

LENNAUCHFILM (4 Melnichnaya Street), popular science film studio. Founded in 1933 by the Kulturfilm department and the military department Roskino Film Factory (today, Lenfilm)


LENPOLIGRAFMASH (5 Karpovka River Embankment), an open joint-stock company from 1991, the largest regional enterprise developing and manufacturing printing and processing equipment. The company originated from I. A

Lensovet Theatre

LENSOVET THEATRE (12 Vladimirsky Avenue). Founded in 1933 as the New Theatre, renamed Lensovet Theatre in 1953 (briefly called the Open Theatre in 1992-2000), and receiving Academic status in 1981

Lenz E.H., (1804-1865), physicist

LENZ Emily Hristianovich (1804-1865), physicist, electrical engineer, Member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1828). Studied at the University of Derpt from 1820 to 1823. In 1823-25, was a part of O.E. Kotzebue's circumnavigation

Leo Tolstoy Square

LEO TOLSTOY SQUARE, at the intersection of Bolshoy Avenue of Petrogradskaya Side and Kamennoostrovsky Avenue. The square was named in the 1920s after the neighbouring street of the same name (since 1798 - Arkhiereiskaya Square

Leonova D.М., (1829-1896), singer

LEONOVA (Gildmeister after her first marriage) Daria Mikhaylovna (1829, according to other reports, 1834-1896, St. Petersburg), opera singer (contralto), actress, chamber singer, and teacher. Lived in St

Leontyev Centre of the International Centre of Social and Economic Studies

LEONTYEV CENTRE, International Centre of Social and Economic Studies, situated at 16 Voznesensky Avenue, an independent nonprofit organisation founded in 1991 on the initiative of A. A. Sobchak and V. V. Leontyev

Leontyev V.V., (1906-1999), economist

LEONTYEV Vasily Vasilievich (1906-1999) (also known as Wassily Leontief), economist, PhD in Economics (1928), Foreign Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1988), Honorary Doctor of the State Leningrad University (1990). Brought to St

Lepekhin I.I., (1740-1802), traveller, naturalist

LEPEKHIN Ivan Ivanovich (1740 - 1802, St. Petersburg), naturalist, traveller, Member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1768). Studies at the Academic University (1760-62), continuing on at the University of Strasbourg (1762-67)

Lerche Restaurant

LERCHE RESTAURANT. Opened circa 1843 by Ministry of Defence Official G.V. Lerche (1787-1876) in his own residence (in literature, the Lerche House; 25 Bolshaya Morskaya Street /11 Gorokhovaya Street; rebuilt in 1838, architect P.P

Lermontov M.Y. (1814-1841), poet

LERMONTOV Mikhail Yurievich (1814-1841), poet, prose writer, playwright. The descendant of G. Lermont, an immigrant from Scotland. Without graduating from Moscow University, Lermontov came to St

Lermontovsky Avenue

LERMONTOVSKY AVENUE, running between Dekabristov Street and Obvodny Canal Embankment. Formed in 1912 as part of the joining of Bolshaya Masterskaya Street (from Dekabristov Street to Griboedova Canal)

Lesgaft Academy of Physical Education, State, St. Petersburg

LESGAFT ACADEMY OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION, State, St. Petersburg (SPSAFC) (35 Dekabristov Street) was founded by P.F. Lesgaft in 1896 as the Higher Courses for Physical Education Directors

Lesgaft P.F. (1837-1909), anatomist, teacher

LESGAFT Peter Frantsevich (St. Petersburg, 1837-1909), anatomist and teacher. Graduated from the Medical Surgical Academy in 1861. In 1868, he became a professor at Kazan University. In 1871, started teaching at the Medical Surgical Academy

Lesgaft's Courses

LESGAFT'S COURSES, also named the Training Courses for Governesses and Teachers of Physical Education, teacher's training institution for women founded in 1896 on the initiative of P. F

Leskov N.S. (1831-1895), writer

LESKOV Nikolay Semenovich (1831-1895, St. Petersburg), writer, publicist, collegiate secretary (1874). Studied in Orlov Gymnasium (1841-46, didn't graduate). His works were published from 1860. Lived in St. Petersburg from 1861

Lesnaya Harbour

LESNAYA HARBOUR (Forest Harbour) is a complex of artificial water constructions including several rectangular cuts located in the southern part of Gutuyevsky Island


LESNOY, a historical district in the north of St. Petersburg, between Engelsa Avenue to the west, Manchesterskaya Street to the north, Thoreza Avenue and Karbysheva Street to the east and Novorossiiskaya Street to the south

Lesnoy Avenue

LESNOY AVENUE, from Akademika Lebedeva Street to Institutsky Lane, joining the Finlyandsky Railway Station with the Lesnoy District. The street was laid in the 19th century; until 1913, the avenue

Letopis (The Chronicle), journal

LETOPIS (The Chronicle) monthly literary, scientific and political journal, founded and virtually edited by Maxim Gorky. The journal united authors and publicists opposing nationalism and WW I

Leuchtenberg Family

LEUCHTENBERG (v. Leuchtenberg), a ducal family in Russia, its founder was Duke M. Leuchtenberg. In 1852, the Leuchtenbergs were included in the Imperial Family under the title of Princes Romanovsky. Initially they were buried at the SS

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