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Stegelman's House

Categories / Architecture/Architectural Monuments/Mansions

STEGELMAN'S HOUSE (2/50 Moika River Embankment), a monument of 18th century architecture. It was built to the design of architect F.B. Rastrelli in 1750-53 (according to the other data, in 1758) for the main court supplier H.C. Stegelman. The main two-storied block is marked by a high entrance with a flight of stairs. On the rear side, opening onto the Moika River, the auxiliary wings were situated (reconstructed). The architectural decoration of the facades was changed to the early Neoclassical style in 1765-68, when the house was expanded (architect unknown). In 1808, the house was extended and an orphanage for raznochinets (white-collar) children was located there. In 1838-39, the interiors were remade (architect P.S. Plavov). Later, the Women's Professional School was located in the building. Since 1918, the academic department of the Herzen State Pedagogical Institute (today, Russian State Pedagogical University) has been located in the building.

Y. M. Piryutko.

Herzen Alexander Ivanovich
Plavov Peter Sergeevich
Rastrelli Francesco de
Stegeman Henrich Christianovich

Moika River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 50, litera корп. 2

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Pedagogical University

Moika, river

MOIKA (the original name Mya; known as Muya until the early 18th century, derived from the Izhora word for "slush, mire"), a river in the Neva river delta. The Moika River is 4.67 kilometres long, with a width of up to 40 metres

Pedagogical University

PEDAGOGICAL UNIVERSITY, Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University, situated at 48 Moika River Embankment. It originates from the Imperial Foster Home founded in 1797