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Ioannovsky Bridge

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IOANNOVSKY BRIDGE (until 1887 Petrovsky), over Kronversky Canal to Ioannovskie Gates of the Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg's first bridge. Received its name from a timber bridge, spanning the ditch between the fortress and Ioannovsky ravelin in 1752-1887. It was constructed in 1703, as a floating bridge further downstream at the Menshikov Bastion. In 1706, it was replaced with a timber piled bridge with two vertical lift spans in the centre. In 1738, it was transferred to its present location and rebuilt as a 16-span bridge: three-spans forming a limestone arcade, eight-spans cover the channel until the opening pivot span in the middle and a similar stone five-span arcade from the side of the Ioannovskie Gates. In 1801-02, the channel part was spanned with timber constructions of a nogging system with a single-winged pivot span. The arcades were topped with a granite parapet. In 1848-1937, the timber span system was a strut one. In 1827, during the construction of the Suvorovsky floating bridge ramps over the Neva, two arch spans of the right wing (from Petrogradskaya Side) were backfilled with innings, so were gradually the arch spans of the left leaf (wing). After 1934, all the arches from the facade were blocked by a rubble stone slab. In 1950-51, seven channel spans were arched with metal beams; the piers were repaired and planked with boards (engineer P.V. Bazhenov). In 1953, the timber railing was replaced with cast-iron; lamps were added, placed at the entrance ramps to the Suvorovsky floating bridge (architect А.L. Rotach). The designs for the railings were copied from the banisters at the entrance ramp to Tuchkov Bridge. In 2001-02, the bridge underwent a capital repair. Length: (without the arcades) 74.7 m, width: 10.6 m.

S. Z. Suponitsky, N.М. Kozlovskaia, D.Y. Guzevich.

Bazhenov P.V.
Rotach Alexander Lukich

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St. Peter and Paul fortress

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