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CITY HALL, Mayor’s Office in 1991-96, successor of the Executive Committee of Leningrad Soviet of Working People’s Deputies. By order of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic adopted on May 20, 1991 the Mayor, elected by city residents for 5 years became the head of the executive power of St. Petersburg. He was authorized to form and approve the structure and organs of the executive power, appoint and dismiss heads of city organs of administration, heads of district administrations, control and dispose of city property and land, and served as an official representative of the city in the country and abroad. The first and the only mayor of St. Petersburg was A. A. Sobchak, who officially took office on June 26, 1991. In 1991 he decreed to liquidate former branch administrations and departments, and created Committees and Departments to oversee all spheres of city life. In June 1993 the Mayor approved the decree on city hall staff as a structural sub-unit of the city administration coordinating the work of district administrations, Committees, governments and other structures under the jurisdiction of the Mayor and providing communication with the central bodies of power and government. By the decree of the Mayor adopted on November 23, 1994, the system of state organs of executive power of St. Petersburg (the city administration) including the Mayor’s Office, City Government, and City Hall of St. Petersburg as well as branch and territorial bodies of executive power was approved. This decree established the City Hall as a legal entity providing organizational, legal material and technical support of the Mayor’s Office. According to the law of St. Petersburg dated March, 13 1996 On the System of Bodies of State Power the executive power in the city was transferred to St. Petersburg Administration, in June 5, 1996, on assuming the office of the governor, the mayor resigned.

N. Y. Cherepenina.

Sobchak Anatoly Alexandrovich

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Executive Committee of Leningrad Soviet of Working People’s Deputies

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF LENINGRAD SOVIET OF WORKING PEOPLE’S DEPUTIES, the highest organ of executive authority on the territory of Leningrad in 1941-91. It dates back to the Executive Committee of the Petrograd Soviet [elected on February 27 (March

Leningrad Soviet

LENINGRAD SOVIET (Leningrad City Soviet of People"s Deputies), the supreme authority on the terriory of Leningrad. It originated from Petrograd Soviet of working people and soldiers" deputies founded on February 27 (March 12 New Style)