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Old Petersburg, Society

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OLD PETERSBURG, history research society, founded in 1921 by the members of the Pavlovsk Study Seminar. Its Board (chaired by architect L.A. Ilyin) consisted of Alexander N. Benois, P.P. Veyner, V.P. Zubov (headmaster of Art History institute), V.Y. Kurbatov, P.N. Stolpyansky, S.N. Troynitsky (director of the State Hermitage). The Society has been known as Old Petersburg - New Leningrad since 1925. The Society focused its attention on the issues of protection, study and restoration of the monuments of the past, attended to matters of the present-day urban planning and architecture. The Society included the bureau of protection, musical bureau, the artistic bureau, the bureau on seminars, and the tour bureau. The members of the Society studied the monuments of the past, carried out examinations, measurements, photographing, maintenance and restoration of buildings, sculptures, embankments, and installed memorial plaques. The Society carried out a significant amount of research and educational activities, organised sightseeing tours of St. Petersburg and its environs. Such eminent figures as S.F. Platonov, A.F. Koni, N.P. Antsiferov, I.A. Fomin, A.P. Ostroumova-Lebedeva, A. E. Presnyakov, S. N. Zharnovsky, N. M. Osipov, B. V. Asafiev, A. G. Yatsevich took part in the work of the Society. The society also initiated the foundation of the Museum of Merchants" Life in the 1840-60s (in the former house of the merchants Kovrigins at the 21 6th Line of Vasilievsky Island) and of the Museum of the Moribund Cult (1-3 Volkhovsky Lane). In 1938 the Society was abolished by the authorities.

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M. G. Khugayeva.

Antsiferov Nikolay Pavlovich
Benois Alexander Nikolaevich
Fomin Ivan Alexandrovich
Ilyin Lev Alexandrovich
Koni Anatoly Fedorovich
Kurbatov Vladimir Yakovlevich
Ostroumova-Lebedeva Anna Peterovna
Platonov Sergey Fedorovich
Presnyakov Alexander Evgenievich
Stolpyansky Peter Nikolaevich
The Kovrigins
Troynitsky Sergey Nikolaevich
Weiner Peter Petrovich
Zubov Valentin Platonovich, Count

6th Line of Vasilievsky Island/Saint Petersburg, city, house 21
Volkhovsky Lane/Saint Petersburg, city, house 1
Volkhovsky Lane/Saint Petersburg, city, house 3

Общество "Старый Петербург, "1921 - 1923 г. СПб.
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Antsiferov N.P. (1889-1958), historian and regional ethnographer

ANTSIFEROV Nikolay Pavlovich (1889-1958), historian, regional ethnographer and public figure. He moved to St. Petersburg in 1908. Antsiferov graduated from the Department of History and Philology of Petrograd University (1915), a student of I.M

Historical Societies (entry)

HISTORICAL SOCIETIES, associations of historians, including both professionals and amateurs, aimed at studying and developing various historical issues. Most historical societies received imperial support during the 19th and early 20th centuries

Ilyin L.A. (1880-1942), architect.

ILYIN Lev Alexandrovich (1880-1942), architect, Fellow of the Academy of architecture of the USSR (as of 1941). He studied at the College of Civil Engineers (1897-1909) and at the Academy of Fine Arts (1903-04). He was a member of the Old St

Koni A.F. (1844-1927), lawyer, public figure

KONI Anatoly Fedorovich (1844, St Petersburg 1927, Leningrad), lawyer, statesman, man of letters, Actual Privy Counsellor (1910); Doctor of Law (1890), Honorary Member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1900)

Lansere N.E. (1879-1942), architect

LANSERE Nikolay Evgenyevich (1879, St. Petersburg -1942), architect and graphic artist, architectural historian and teacher. He was the brother of E.E. Lansere and Z.E. Serebryakova

Lazarevskaya Burial Vault

LAZAREVSKAYA BURIAL VAULT, St. Lazarus’ Church within the ensemble of Alexander Nevsky Lavra. A small stone church (so-called tent) was built in 1717 behind the altar of the Holy Annunciation Church for the burial of Natalia Alexeevna (in 1723

Millionnaya Street

MILLIONNAYA STREET [until 1738 - German settlement, until the middle of the 18th century - Bolshaya Nemetskaya Street, in the 1740-1800s - Bolshaya Millionnaya Street, in 1918-91 - Khalturina Street, after worker-revolutionary S.N

Regional Study (entry)

REGIONAL STUDY, integrated study of a country or region and its lore. Regional study of St. Petersburg originates from the descriptions of the northern capital presented in the 18th - 19th centuries

Restoration Workshops and Organizations

RESTORATION WORKSHOPS AND ORGANIZATIONS. Restoration work in St. Petersburg has developed since the end of the 19th century. The reconstruction of historical and cultural monuments was first considered by the Imperial Archaeological Commission

Stolpyansky P.N., (1872-1938), Historian of St. Petersburg

STOLPYANSKY Peter Nikolaevich (1872, St. Petersburg - 1938, Leningrad), historian, regional ethnographer, bibliographer. Close to revolutionary circles in his youth; exiled from St. Petersburg twice

Uspensky N.V. (1885-1947), founder of the Necropolis Museum

USPENSKY Nikolay Viktorovich (1885-1947), museum worker. He studied at the Higher Phototechnical Institute in the 1920s and worked as a researcher at the Russian Museum from 1926 to 1932. He was a member of Stary Petersburg Society

Wrangel N. N. (1880-1915), Art Historian

WRANGEL Nikolay Nikolaevich (1880-1915) a baron, art historian. Lived in St. Petersburg from 1897. Wrote about the history of Russian artistic culture from the 18th to the beginning of the 19th centuries, including sculpture, painting

Yaremich S.P. (1869-1938), artist, art historian

YAREMICH Stepan Petrovich (1869-1938, Leningrad), art historian, artist, collector. Studied in a real school in Kiev. Moved to St. Petersburg in 1899. Yaremich was a member of the World of Art Association and Old St. Petersburg Society

Yatsevich A.G. (1887-1942), Regional Ethnographer

YATSEVICH Andrey Grigorievich (1887, St. Petersburg - 1942, Leningrad) art historian, regional ethnographer, specialist in the works by Pushkin. Yatsevich graduated from the Faculty of Law of St. Petersburg University in 1905