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RATHAUS, the supreme authority of municipal government, established in St. Petersburg in 1798 by order of emperor Paul I instead of the abolished bodies of local government instituted by Cities Letter of Grant of 1785. Rathaus managed city income, administrative and police matters, dealt with criminal and civil legal proceedings of middle- and lower-class persons. Rathaus was headed by the President and economy chief (appointed by the Senate), its staff included 6 elective burgmeisters and 10 elective ratsherrs (rathaus staff was approved by the emperor). Rathaus was under the jurisdiction of Residency Provision Supply Board, and city magistrates and city halls of chief district towns of St. Petersburg province were subordinated to the institution. Soon after the enthronement of emperor Alexander I (1801), Rathaus was abolished, and in 1802 those bodies of municipal government were reestablished which functioned during the reign of empress Catherine II.

Y. N. Kruzhnov.

Alexander I, Emperor
Catherine II, Empress

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City Duma

CITY DUMA, administrative body of the city government. It was instituted in 1786 by Cities letter of grant (1785). City Duma was in charge of the city economy, taxes and levies, trade, medicine, education etc

Head Magistrate

HEAD MAGISTRATE, the public institution of the highest rank. It was established in St. Petersburg on the decree of tsar Peter the Great in 1720 to function as the principal establishment in charge of city magistrates of other cities and towns. In St

Residency Provision Supply Board

RESIDENCY PROVISION SUPPLY BOARD, an administrative committee in charge of apartments and other units pertaining to the police, agency of State administration. It was founded according to the Regulations for the capital city St