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Museum of the Academy of Arts

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MUSEUM OF THE ACADEMY OF ARTS, a science and research museum (17 University Embankment), Russia's oldest art museum, founded by I. I. Shuvalov in 1757 as a collection of samples for the students of drawing and sculpture classes at the Academy of Arts. The initial museum collections included West-European paintings, casts, works made by graduates of the Academy of Arts who earned medals and later became Academy members or professors. In 1862 the museum enlarged its collection by acquiring the collection of Count N. A. Kushelev-Bezborodko. In 1898 a part of its collection was handed over to the Russian Museum. After 1917 a large number of exhibits were transferred to the Hermitage and other museums. The museum occupies the halls of the central building of the Academy of Arts. The exposition features works by А. P. Losenko, I. P. Prokofyev, F. G. Gordeev, F. F. Shchedrin, K. Bryullov, G. I. Skorodumov, А. А. Ivanov, V. D. Polenov, I. E. Repin, V. V. Mate, А. P. Ostroumova-Lebedeva and others, European masters are represented by the works of L. Giordano, F. Algardi, G. Ladzarini and others. The Architecture Department contains designs and drawings of architects and author models of Smolny Convent (made under the guidance of F. B. Rastrelli), the Academy of Arts, St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Stock Exchange Building and other buildings. Shevchenko memorial workshop operates as an independent division of the museum (from 1858 Shevchenko lived and worked in the Academy of Arts where he died in 1861). The museum maintains a number of branches: Repin Penates Mansion and Museum, P. P. Chistyakov House Museum, I. I. Brodsky Apartment Museum, and A. I. Kuindzhi Apartment Museum. The collection numbers over 100,000 items. Annually the museum is visited by up to 35,000 people.

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A. D. Margolis.

Brodsky Isaak Izrailevich
Bryullov Karl Pavlovich
Chistyakov Pavel Petrovich
Gordeev Fedor Gordeevich
Ivanov Andrey Ivanovich
Kokorinov Alexander Filippovich
Kuindzhi Arkhip Ivanovich
Kushelev-Bezborodko Nikolay Alexandrovich, Count
Losenko Anton Pavlovich
Margolis Alexander Davidovich
Mate Vasily Vasilievich
Ostroumova-Lebedeva Anna Peterovna
Polenov Vasily Dmitrievich
Prokofiev Ivan Prokofievich
Rastrelli Francesco de
Repin Ilya Efimovich
Shchedrin Feodosy Fedorovich
Shevchenko Taras Grigorievich
Shuvalov Ivan Ivanovich, Count
Skorodumov Gavriil Ivanovich
Vallin de la Mothe Jean Baptiste Michel

Universitetskaya Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 17

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Brodsky's Memorial Flat
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Brodsky's Memorial Flat

BRODSKY'S MEMORIAL FLAT situated at 3 Iskusstv Square, branch of the Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts, monument to the Russian art heritage, and artist I. I. Brodsky's memorial flat

Bryullov B.P. (1882-1939?), Regional Ethnographer

BRYULLOV Boris Pavlovich (1882, Pavlovsk - 1939), art historian, regional ethnographer, organizer of excursions around Leningrad. Grandson of A. P. Bryullov. Graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology of the St

Denisov Y.M. (1925-2001), Historian of Architecture, Regional Ethnographer

DENISOV Yury Mikhailovich (1925, Leningrad - 2001, St. Petersburg), art historian. Graduated from the Faculty of Art Theory and Art History of the I. E. Repin Institute (1950)

Kalaushin Boris Matveevich (1929-1999), artist

KALAUSHIN Boris Matveevich (1929, Leningrad - 1999, St. Petersburg), book artist, painter. He studied in the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture under Mikhail Taranov (1950-56). He illustrated over 100 children's books, including V

Museums (general article)

MUSEUMS. Russia's first public museums appeared in St. Petersburg. In 1702 Peter the Great issued first orders on collecting and exhibiting high-quality models and various rarities

Utkin N.I., (1780-1863), printmaker

UTKIN Nikolay Ivanovich (1780-1863, St. Petersburg), printmaker and teacher. He attended the workshops of A.Y. Radig and I.S. Klauber at the Academy of Arts from 1785 to 1800; in 1803-14 he held an Academy scholarship in Paris