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Categories / Tsarskoe Selo and town of Pushkin. The digital chronological reference book/Chronicle of three centuries/1976 - 2010

24 June. Mikhail Ivanovich Karatuev, head of the administration of the Pushkin municipal council, was conferred the title "Honorary Citizen of Pushkin Town" by deputies of the Pushkin municipal council .

June . The new exhibition halls and new rooms of the museum funds were opened after the restoration in the Zubov Wing, premisies were equipped with up-to-date devices of security alarm and fire alarm and also devices for the temperature-humidity control .

8 July. Forum of young representatives of G8 countries, so- called "Young G8 Summit", began to work at Kochubey's Villa within the bounds of Saint Petersburg Summit Meeting, .

18 September. New department of reconstructing microsurgery and surgery of hands was opened in the Research Children Orthopedic Institute named after G.I. Turner, also the renovated food center was opened in this Institute.

20 September. "St. Petersburg Center of Social Rehabilitation of Disabled People" for 140 men was opened in Aleksey Tolstoy Boulevard with participation of Governor V.I. Matviyenko.

30 September. The former military hospital (58 Parkovaya Street), after reconstruction and restoration, was accommodated for lodgins for the military, 73 apartments were accommodated at this house with total area 8,742 square metres.

6 November. The monument to V.I. Lenin designed by the sculptor V.B. Pinchuk was unveiled at the corner of Konyushennaya Street and Malaya Street ( monument was made in 1957 and earlier it was placed in the Taurida Gardens) at the place of the house of M.Silvin (v. this Chronicle of 1895).

30 November. The first stage of the 1,200 cattle animal husbandry complex for cattle rearing and the complex for the milk production were opened in the stockbreeding farm "Lesnoye".

7 December. The ceremonial laying and consecration of the laying stone of the Cathedral of St. Catherine took place. The Fund for the Reconstruction of the Cathedral of St. Catherine was established ( I.А.Sobolevsky was a president of this fund) . Company "Built-Engineering" from the group of companies "Stroisvet" realized the construction work. The archeological diggings were carried out by the Research Institute of the Material Culture of the Academy of Sciences of Russia under the supervision of N.F. Solovyova, Doctor of Sciences.A.V. Mikhalychev was the author of the reconstruction project. Aleksandr Valentinovich Krashchuk was the head of the construction work.

16 residental houses with total area 94,600 square metres were put into housing and 6 filling station were put into operation in the Pushkin district during that year.

Karatuyev, Mikhail Ivanovich
Krashchuk, Aleksandr Valentinovich
Matvienko Valentina Ivanovna
Mikhalichev, Aleksey Vyacheslavovich
Pinchuk Veniamin Borisovich
Sobolevsky, I.A.
Solovyeva, N.F.

Alexey Tolstoy Boulevard/Pushkin, town
Malaya Street/Pushkin, town на пересечении С Конюшенной улицей

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