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Categories / Tsarskoe Selo and town of Pushkin. The digital chronological reference book/Chronicle of three centuries/1901 - 1925

13 February. At the house of the literary critic and A.Akhmatova's true friend N.V. Nedobrovo Anna Andreyevna Akhmatova presented her "treasured black ring" to the artist Boris Anrep who was the addresse of many poems written by A. Akhmatova . A.Akhmatova met again with B.Anrep only after 38 years.

19 April. Nicholas II, the Empress, Grand Duchess Yelizaveta Fiodorovna took part in the funeral service for the soldiers perished during the war at the Communal cemetery in Tsarskoye Selo.

20 April. Poet Sergei Esenin did military service for a fixed period as an orderly (he served until 17 March 1917 ) at the military train no. 143 of Empress Alexandra Fiodorovna, the train was attributed to the hospital of the Fiodorovsky Town.

12 August. Aerodrome and barracks of the Aviation unit were constructed near the Fiodorovsky Town.

5 November. The laying of the wooden church for the future complex of the Serafimovsky hospital-shelter of A.A. Vyrubova took place outside the Alexander Park and near the dam connecting the Kuzminka River and the Lower Llama Pond. The religious service was performed by Melkhisedek, the bishop of Kronstadt, with the assistance of A.Vasilyev, an archpriest and the confessor of Their Imperial Majesies, and A.Belyayev, the senior prist of the Fiodorovsky Cathedral, and Isidor, a bishop, in the presence of the Empress and Grand Duchesses and also A.Vyrubova with G.Rasputin.

25 November. In the Alexander Palace Nicholas II presented Grand Duke Pavel Aleksandrovich, the commander of the 1st Guard Corps, with the Order of St. Georgy.

November. Father Ioann (Kochurov) was appointed as the parish prist of the Cathedral of St. Catherine in Tsarskoye Selo .

17 December. The news about the murder of Grigory Rasputin had been arrived in Tsarskoye Selo.
The constructing of the 1st stage of the ensemble of barracks of the Own His Imperial Majesty Escort was finished by the architect V.N. Maksimov.

21 December. The zinc coffin with the body of G.E. Rasputin was secretly buried in the church being built at the Serafimovsky shelter of Tsarskoye Selo in the presence of the Imperial Famili (with the exeption of Tsesarevich Alexei) and several of close family friends. Archpriest A. Vasilyev performed the funeral service .

31 December. In the Alexander Palace, Nicholas II received Buchanan, the English ambassador, at the State Cabinet and the ambassador had the unsucceful attempt to persuade the Tsar on the compromise with Russian bourgeoisie concerning the interior policy.

Akhmatova Anna Andreevna
Alexandra Fedorovna, Empress
Anrep, Boris Vasilyevich
Belyayev, Afanasy Ivanovich, archpriest
Buchanan George William
Elizaveta Fedorovna, Grand Princess
Esenin Sergey Alexandrovich
Ioann Kochurov, Archpriest
Isidor (Yakov Sergeevich Nikolsky)
Maksimov, Vladimir Nikolayevich
Nedobrovo, Nikolay Vladimirovich
Nicholas II, Emperor
Pavel Alexandrovich, Grand Prince
Payevsky, Mikhail Lvovich (Melkhisedek)
Rasputin Grigory Efimovich
Vasilyev, Aleksandr Petrovich, archpriest
Vyrubova Anna Alexandrovna

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