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Entries / The Gate "To my dear comrades", a monument

The Gate "To my dear comrades", a monument

Categories / Tsarskoe Selo and town of Pushkin. The digital chronological reference book/Monuments of history and culture

Address: the town of Pushkin, Sadovaya Street, to the North-East part of the Catherine Park.
Architects: Vasily Petrovich Stasov (1769-1848)
Adam Menelaws (1748-1833)

Opened: 17 August 1817

Materials: the Gate columns and attic and links of the trellis were made of cast iron; the pedestal was made of granite; letters of inscriptions were made of golden bronze.

Inscriptions: on the attic from the side of Sadovaya Street : TO MY DEAR COMRADES
On the attic from the park side there is the inscription in French : A MES CHERS COMPANGONS

The Gate was installed according to the order of Alexander I as the homage of thankfulness to commanders and counselors of Alexander I who taken part in the War of 1812 and the military company of 1813-1814 that led to the liberation of Europe from Napoleon.
The portico, including two rows of Doric columns which support a massive entablature, resembles The Moscow Triumph Gate, the latest work of V.P. Statsov, compositionly. The trellis design with lattice rods- spears and superimposed shields was designed by the architect A. Menelaws.

Alexander I, Emperor
Menelas Adam Adamovich
Stasov Vasily Petrovich

Sadovaya Street/Pushkin, town в северо-восточной части Екатерининского парка


9 June. The first Lyceum graduates ("Pushkinsky") was held and the song "Farewell song of the pupils of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum" , text was written by Anton Delvig and music by the Lyceum music teacher Tepper de Fergusson, was performed
Source: Tsarskoe Selo


19 January. In the Alexander Palace Nicholas II received the workers deputation after the incident "Bloody Sunday" on 9 January in Petersburg. 50 000 roubles were assigned for the families of suffered men, this was told during the meeting.
Source: Tsarskoe Selo

Catherine Park (Pushkin town), ensemble

CATHERINE PARK (Pushkin town), a monument of landscape architecture and the central part of Tsarskoe Selo palace ensemble. Its consists of a total of 107 hectares The park consists of a grassed and a landscape areas, divided by the Great Pond

Monuments to the War of 1812-1814

MONUMENTS TO THE WAR OF 1812-1814, memorial constructions in honour of Russia's military victories during the Patriotic War of 1812 and the campaigns of 1813-14 against Emperor Napoleon I concluding with allied troops marching into Paris on 19 March

Stasov V.P. (1769-1848), architect

STASOV Vasily Petrovich (1769-1848, St. Petersburg), architect, representative of the Empire style. The father of V.V. Stasov. From 1783, worked in the Moscow Bureau of Architecture of the Police Department

The estate of M.V. Kochubey (the Reserved Palace, Vladimir Palace)

Alexander I was the author of the original architectural idea and customer of Kochubey’s country-house. The work with the project was begun in 1816 from a draft developed by the emperor himself with the help of the architect P.V
Source: Tsarskoe Selo