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8th Army

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8th ARMY. An armed forces unit of the USSR. Formed in October 1939 as a part of the Leningrad Air Defence Force. On 22 June 1941, it was located on the frontier along the Neman River, and included the 10th and 11th Infantry corps, the 12th Mechanics Corps, the 9th Antitank Brigade and other units. It was part of the Northwestern Front; from 14 July 1941, as part of the Northern Front; from 27 August 1941, the Leningrad Front; from 9 June 1942, the Volkhov Front; from 15 February 1944, again part of the Leningrad Front. In September — November 1941, the unit defended the Oranienbaum Bridgehead; from January 1942, it was located in the Mga area. It took part in the Third Sinyavino Operation, the Breaking (1943) and lifting (1944) of the Siege, in the Narva and Tallin offensive operations, and in the Moonzundskaya landing operation. From December 1944, it was located on the shore of Estonia. The army commanders included Major-General P.P. Sobennikov (until June 1941), Lieutenant General F.S. Ivanov (until July 1941), Major-General I.M. Lyubovtsev (until August 1941), Lieutenant General P.S. Pshennikov (until September 1941), Major-General V.I. Shcherbakov (September 1941), Lieutenant General T.I. Shevaldin (until November 1941), Major-General A.L. Bondarev (until January 1942), Major-General A.V. Sukhomlin (until April 1942), and Major-General, then Lieutenant General F.N. Starikov (until 1945).

G. V. Kalashnikov.

Bondarev A.L.
Ivanov F.S.
Lyubovtsev I. M.
Pshennikov Peter Stepanovich
Shcherbakov Vladimir Ivanovich
Shevaldin T.I.
Sobennikov P.P.
Starikov Filipp Nikanorovich
Sukhomlin Alexander Vasilievich

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