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23rd Army

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23RD ARMY. Formed in May 1941 in Leningrad, consisting of the 19th and 50th Infantry corps, the 10th Mechanics Corps, the 27th and 28th Regional reinforcements and other units and detachments. It was situated on the boundary with Finland, from the Gulf of Finland to Ladoga Lake. From 24 June 1941, it was part of the Northern Front. From 23 August 1941, it was part of the Leningrad Front. In June - July 1941, it was defeated by Finnish troops and driven back to the Sestroretsk-Beloostrov-Lembolovo Line. By 31 July 1941, Finnish troops ceased their advance, having reached the Soviet-Finnish border from before 1940. In 1941-44, the Army held the line at the Karelian Isthmus. From 10 to 20 June 1944, together with the 21st Army, it carried out the Vyborg Offensive in the capacity of the secondary assault force from the western Lembolovo line towards the Vuoksa River's middle course. As a result of this operation, Finnish troops were thrown back beyond the Vyborg–Vuoksa River Line. After Finland withdrew from the war in the autumn of 1944, the Army was moved to within the state's border, where it remained until the end of its military action. The 23rd Army was commanded by Lieutenant General P.S. Pshennikov (until August 1941); Lieutenant General M.N. Gerasimov (until September 1941); Major General, then Lieutenant General A.I. Cherepanov (until July 1944); and Lieutenant General V.I. Shvetsov (until May 1945).

G. V. Kalashnikov.

Cherepanov A.I.
Gerasimov M. N.
Pshennikov Peter Stepanovich
Shvetsov V.I.