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Choreographic Miniatures, ballet theatre

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CHOREOGRAPHIC MINIATURES, ballet theatre. Established in 1969 on the base of the Chamber Ballet, under artistic director L.V. Yakobson. Yakobson's productions, created specially for the troupe, made up the core of the first years' repertoire: Pas de Trois to music by G. Rossini, Pas de Deux to W.A. Mozart's music, Paolo and Frances and Minotaur and Nymph to A. Berg's music, Exercises of the 20th Century, to music by J.S. Bach in an adaptation of The Swiggle Singers, Travelling Circus to music by I.F. Stravinsky, Wedding Cortege, and a version of The Bedbug to music by D. D. Shostakovich. Starting in 1976, the troupe was headed by A A. Makarov, who was succeeded by Y.N. Petukhov in 2001. Some of the theatre's celebrated choreographers' ballets include K.A. Rassadin (The Execution of Stepan Razin to music by Shostakovich, 1977), G. D. Aleksidze (The Prodigal Son to music by S.S. Prokofiev, 1978), N.A. Volkova (Christmas Games to music by A. Soynikov, 1981), S.V. Vikulov (Romeo and Juliet to music by P.I. Tchaikovsky, 1982), and A.M. Polubentsev (Dances for the Queen to music by G.F. Handel, 1983). In the late 1980s, the troupe turned to the classical repertoire. At various times, A.E. Osipenko, D. I. Markovsky, V.V. Kim, T.A. Kvasova, V.V. Klimova, I.P. Kuzmin, V.A. Solovyeva, N.V. Bashkirtseva, N.A. Levitsky, A.A. Stepin, and others have danced across the Choreographic Miniatures Theatre stage.

References: Демидов А. Импровизации Леонида Якобсона // Театр. 1971. № 12. С. 69-79; Карп П. Испытание младшей музы // Звезда. 1973. № 2. С. 188-195; Львов-Анохин Б. А. О театре хореографических миниатюр // Сов. музыка. 1977. № 1. С. 85-90.

G. N. Dobrovolskaya.

Alexidze Georgy Dmitrievich
Bach Johann Sebastian
Bashkirtseva Natalia Valerievna
Berg Alban
Handel Georg Friedrich
Kim Vladimir V.
Klimova Valentina Vladimirovna
Kuzmin I.P.
Kvasova (Sevastyanova) Tatyana Alexeevna
Levitsky N.A.
Makarov Askold Anatolievich
Markovsky John Yanovich (Ivanovich)
Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus
Osipenko Alla Evgenievna
Petukhov Yury Nikolaevich
Polubentsev Alexander Mikhailovich
Prokofiev Sergey Sergeevich
Rassadin Konstantin Alexandrovich
Rossini Gioacchino
Shostakovich Dmitry Dmitrievich
Solovyeva V.A.
Soynikov Alexander
Stepin Alexander Alexandrovich
Stravinsky Igor Fedorovich
Tchaikovsky Peter Ilyich
Vikulov Sergey Vasilievich
Volkova N.A.
Yakobson Leonid Veniaminovich

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