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Young People's Theatre

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YOUNG PEOPLE'S THEATRE, Bryantsev Young People's Theatre, situated at 1 Pionerskaya Square. It was founded in 1921 and opened in 1922 in the hall of the former Tenishev's School at 33 Mokhovaya Street. Headed by A. A. Bryantsev, chief director in 1921-61 whose name was given to the theatre in 1980, the theatre developed a special system of expressive means adapted for children's perceptual psychology. The repertoire included fantasies, modern Soviet plays, and Russian and foreign classics. Among the best productions are Humpbacked Horse of 1922 based on P. P. Ershov's fairy-tale, Scapin's Schemings of 1924 based on J. B. Moliere's play, M. Cervantes' Don Quixote of 1926, E. L. Schwarz's Treasure of 1933 and Two Maples of 1954, Pushkin's Fairy Tales of 1962, V. G. Dolgy's After the Execution of 1967, F. Salten's Bambi of 1976, R. Kipling's The Cat That Walked by Himself of 1977, W. Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors of 1978, P. Sheffer's Ekvus and Notes of Poprishchin of 1989, the latter based on N. V. Gogol's play, Crime and Punishment of 1994 based on F. M. Dostoevsky's novel, Gogol's Old World Landowners of 1996, Late Demon of 1997 based on A. S. Pushkin's play, A. P. Chekhov's Wood Spirit of 2000, and Diary of a Provincial in St. Petersburg of 2002 based on Saltykov-Shchedrin's play. The theatre had a studio attached to it from 1922 that later became a branch of the children's theatre of the Leningrad Institute of Theatre, Music, and Cinema (see Academy of Theatre Art). The Delegate Assembly of Leningrad Schoolchildren was attached to the Young People's Theatre from 1924. The New Young People's Theatre separated from the Young People's Theatre in 1935, which was headed by B. V. Zon and existed until 1945. Evacuated to the town of Berezniki in 1942, the Young People's Theatre resumed its activities in Leningrad in 1944. Among directors who worked and are working at the Young People's Theatre are Zon, E. G. Gakkel, L. F. Makariev, P. K. Weisbrem, S. E. Dimant, Z. Y. Korogodsky, the chief director in 1961-86, V. M. Filshtinsky, L. A. Dodin, A. D. Andreev, the chief director in 1986-96, G. L. Vasilyev, A. A. Praudin, the chief director in 1996-98, S. K. Kargin, the chief director in 1999-2002, I. V. Latyshev, and V. A. Tumanov. Among actors: Makariev, Е. А. Uvarova, A. A. Okhitina, V. P. Politseymako, B. P. Chirkov, N. K. Cherkasov, N. N. Kazarinova, N. V. Mamaeva, V. B. Soshalsky, Y. Y. Kamorny, T. B. Shestakova, O. V. Volkova, N. N. Ivanov, I. L. Sokolova, A. N. Shuranova, G. G. Taratorkin, A. Y. Khochinsky, N. G. Lavrov, I. G. Shibanov, L. D. Zhvania, N. I. Drobysheva, V. A. Dyachenko, Latyshev, A. V. Devotchenko, and D. V. Bulba. Among artists: V. I. Beyer, M. Z. Levin, M. A. Grigoryev, N. N. Ivanova, Z. P. Arshakuni, M. T. Azizian, V. I. Dorrer, E. S. Kochergin, M. F. Kitaev, and E. B. Kapelyush. G. M. Kozlov has been the chief director of the Young People's Theatre since 2002. The theatre is situated in a building specially built by architect A. V. Zhuk in 1962.

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A. A. Kirillov.

Andreev Andrey D.
Arshakuni Zaven Petrosovich
Azizian Marina (Lyudmila) Tsolakovna
Beyer Vladimir Ivanovich
Bryantsev Alexander Alexandrovich
Bulba D.B.
Cervantes Miguel de
Chekhov Anton Pavlovich
Cherkasov Nikolay Konstantinovich
Chirkov Boris Petrovich
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Dolgy Vasily G.
Dorrer Valery Ivanovich
Dostoevsky Fedor Mikhailovich
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Ershov Peter Petrovich
Filshtinsky Veniamin Mikhailovich
Gakkel Evgeny Gustavovich
Gogol Nikolay Vasilievich
Grigoryev Mikhail Alexandrovich
Ivanov Nikolay Nikolaevich
Ivanova N.N.
Kamorny Yury Yurievich
Kapelyush Emil Borisovich
Kargin Sergey Konstantinovich
Kazarinova Nina Nikolaevna
Khochinsky Alexander Yurievich
Kipling Joseph Rudyard
Kitaev Mart Frolovich
Kochergin Eduard Stepanovich
Korogodsky Zinovy Yakovlevich
Kozlov Ivan Ivanovich
Latyshev Ivan V.
Lavrov N.G.
Levin Moisey Zeligovich
Makariev Leonid Fedorovich
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Politseymako Vitaly Pavlovich
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Sokolova Irina Leonidovna
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Taratorkin Georgy Georgievich
Tumanov Vladimir Anatolievich
Uvarova Elizaveta Alexandrovna
Vasilyev G.L.
Volkova Olga Vladimirovna
Weisbrem Pavel Karlovich
Zhuk Alexander Vladimirovich
Zhvania Liana Dmitrievna
Zon Boris Wulfovich

Mokhovaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 33
Pionerskaya Square/Saint Petersburg, city, house 1

Ленинградский театр юных зрителей: [Альбом]. Л., 1972
Дмитриевский В. Н. Театр юных поколений: Творч. путь Ленингр. гос. театра юных зрителей. Л., 1975

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Bryantsev A.A., (1883-1961), director

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Bryullov B.P. (1882-1939?), Regional Ethnographer

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Chirkov B.P. (1901-1982), film actor

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Freindlikh B.A., (1909-2002), actor

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Kadochnikov P.P. (1915-1988) film actor

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