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Borey-Art, art centre

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BOREY ART (58 Liteiny Avenue), non-profit art centre. It was established in 1991. The Charter was registered in 1993. Its president and art director is T.G. Ponomarenko. One of the first non-government centres was established to support young artists, musicians and writers. The club unites writers, philosophers, artists, and musicians. It has exhibition halls, a design studio, a photography studio, a publishing company bearing the same name, a book store, an art gallery, a club and a jazz school directed by S.D. Antonov. In 1994 - 2004, Borey Art held poetry workshops for children and young people. The main objective of Borey Art is to present a broad spectrum of the city's present-day cultural life and support non-profit projects. In 1996-1999, Borey presented the theatrical production Marble (put upon the play of Iosif Brodsky, directed by Grigory Dityatkovsky which received the Grand Prix of the Rozhdestvensky Festival in 1996 and the first prize of the theatre festival Zolotoy Sofit in 1997). The club holds seminars on theory, conferences, readings of literature and philosophy, concerts, presentations of publications and art projects. Borey Art has organized over 400 personal and group art exhibitions and published over 100 books of limited circulation including modern poetry, prose, and essays.

Reference: Копылова П. "Борей": Внутр. сторона Северного ветра // Питерbook. 2001. № 7.

A. V. Krusanov.

Antonov S.D.
Brodsky Iosif Alexandrovich
Dityatkovsky Grigory Isaakovich
Ponomarenko Tatyana Grigorievna

Liteiny Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 58

Копылова П. "Борей": Внутр. сторона Северного ветра // Питерbook, 2001

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