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Entries / Rastrelli B. C. (1675-1744), sculptor

Rastrelli B. C. (1675-1744), sculptor

Categories / Architecture/Personalia
Categories / Art/Fine Arts/Personalia

RASTRELLI, Bartolomeo Carlo de (1675-1744), sculptor, architect, carver, representative of the Baroque. Of Italian descent, studied in Florence. From 1698, worked in Rome, from 1700, in Paris. In 1716, he came to St. Petersburg on Peter the Great's invitation and embarked on the planning project of the Vasilievsky Island and Strelna Park. He ornamented the interiors of the Mon Plaisir Palace, the second Winter Palace (see Winter Palaces), and mansions of P.P. Shafirov, F.M. Apraksin and D.A. Kantemir. Concurrently sculptured portrait busts of: A.D. Menshikov (lead, 1716, Paris, private collection), Peter the Great (wax, 1719, State Hermitage; bronze, 1721-23, State Hermitage), "The First Russian Soldier" S.L. Bukhvostov (plaster cast, 1724, not intact), Tsarina Praskovia Fedorovna (wax, not intact). In 1721-23, in collaboration with А.K. Nartov worked on the model of the Triumphal Column, perpetuating Peter the Great and the victory in the Seven Years' War (replica of the model is displayed in the State Hermitage). Following the Emperor's death designed a mausoleum (not carried out) and a wax figure of Peter the Great (1725, State Hermitage). In 1716-19 and 1743, he took on the equestrian monument of Peter the Great, cast in 1744-46 under the guidance of F. Rastrelli and mounted in 1800 in front of the Mikhailovsky Castle. From 1724, along with M.G. Zemtsov, was involved in ornamenting the Grand and (Sampson, lead, 1735, not intact) Marlinsky (mascarons, made from lead, not intact) Cascades, the Upper Park (Neptune on Chariot, lead, 1735-37, not intact) in Peterhof. During the reign of Empress Anna Ioannovna, he was contracted as architect (third Winter Palace, 1732) and sculptor, carving a grand bronze monumental composition Anna Ioannovna with a Little Negro Boy (1733-34, State Museum of Russian Art). Allegedly, one of Rastrelli's best masterpieces, Self-portrait (1732, State Hermitage), is also dated to this period. His artistic style is distinctive through authentic psychological expression, skilful conveyance of texture and baroque sumptuousness. Buried at Sampsonievskoe Cemetery (the grave is not intact).

Reference: Архипов Н. И., Раскин А. Г. Бартоломео Карло Растрелли, 1875-1744. Л.; М., 1964; Бартоломео Карло Растрелли (1675-1744): К 300-летию со дня рождения: [Кат. врем. выст.]. Л., 1975; Петинова Е. Ф. Б. К. Растрелли, 1675-1744. Л., 1979.

V. V. Antonov.

Anna Ioannovna, Empress
Apraksin Fedor Matveevich
Bukhvostov Sergey Leontievich
Kantemir Antiokh Dmitrievich
Kantemir Dmitry Konstantinovich
Menshikov Alexander Danilovich, Gracious Prince
Nartov Andrey Konstantinovich
Peter I, Emperor
Praskovya Fedorovna, Tsarina
Rastrelli Bartolomeo Carlo de
Rastrelli Francesco de
Shafirov Peter Pavlovich, Baron
Zemtsov Mikhail Grigorievich

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