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Entries / Aurora, publishing house, from 1969

Aurora, publishing house, from 1969

Categories / Literature. Book Publishing/Publishing Houses

AURORA (7/9 Nevsky Prospect), a publishing house established in 1969 as a branch and editorial office for export and facsimile editions of the Soviet Artist Publishing House. Aurora publishing house specialized in the publication of art albums of Russian and foreign art, reprint editions and picture-cards. The series On Display in the Museums of the USSR and Visiting the Museums of the USSR Series enjoyed great popularity. The Artefact Series provides a complete and detailed description of the architectural monuments or paintings displayed on the card. It also publishes scientific articles on art, collections of scientific papers, catalogues for exhibitions, guides, Proceedings and Reports of the State Hermitage etc. Aurora publications are characterised by a high quality of polygraphy; many of them were awarded prizes at international competitions. In 1969-96 the publishing house issued nearly 22,000 titles with the circulation of over 1.2 billion copies. In early 2003, the publishing house was reorganised into a joint-stock company.

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M. V. Zakharova.

Nevsky prospect/Saint Petersburg, city, house 7/9

Аврора: Каталог. СПб., 1997

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PUBLISHING HOUSES. Publishing in St. Petersburg dates back to 1711, when Tsar Peter the Great ordered the St. Petersburg Printing House to be established. The first printed matter issued in St. Petersburg was Vedomosti newspaper