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Satirikon, journal

Categories / Press. Mass Media/Periodical Press/Magazines

SATIRIKON, a daily satiric journal, published in 1908-14, with the editorial office located at 9 Nevsky Prospect. It succeeded the Strekoza journal. Published by М. G. Kornfeld, its editors were at various times: А. А. Radakov to А. Т. Averchenko, P. P. Potemkin and Kornfeld. Caricature artists Radakov, N.V. Remizov (pseudonym Re-Mi), A. E. Yakovlev, A. A. Yunger, poets and writers Averchenko, Teffi, Sasha Cherny, V. V. Knyazev, A. S. Bukhov et al. contributed to the Satirikon. The journal had also published works of Leonid Andreev, Isaak Babel, Alexander Blok, А. S. Grin, Alexander Kuprin, Alexey Tolstoy et al. The Satirikon which appeared at a time of political reaction stood out for its radicalism and mocked many prominent statesmen and cultural figures, turning it into the most sought after satiric favourites of its day. Thematic issues enjoyed special success. Due to disagreements in the editorial body part of the staff took on publishing the Novy Satirikon journal (1913-18; with Averchenko as editor, from July 1917 - Bukhov, its editorial office located at 98 Nevsky Prospect). In 1931 an attempt to resume the publication of Satirikon in Paris was made (a few issues came out with a contribution of Ivan Bunin, Alexander Kuprin, V. F. Khodasevich, Don-Aminado and Sasha Cherny, followed shortly after by the periodicals' termination).

References: Евстигнеева Л. А. Журнал Сатирикон и поэты-сатириконцы. М., 1968; Смех сквозь цензуру / Вступ. заметка и примеч. Л. Спиридоновой // Вопр. лит. 1990. № 2. С. 268-280; Соколовский Р. Редакция в... ресторане // Нева. 1998. № 9. С. 231-232.

D. N. Akhapkin.

Andreev Leonid Nikolaevich
Averchenko Arkady Timofeevich
Babel Isaak Emmanuilovich
Blok G.P.
Bukhov Arkady Sergeevich
Bunin Ivan Alexeevich
Cherny Sasha (real name Glikberg Alexander Mikhailovich)
Don-Aminado (real name Shpolyansky Aminad Petrovich)
Grin Alexander Stepanovich
Khodasevich Vladimir Felitsianovich
Knyazev Vasily Vasilievich
Kornfeld Mikhail Germanovich
Kuprin Alexander Ivanovich
Potemkin Peter Petrovich
Radakov Alexey Alexandrovich
Remizov (real name Vasiliev) Nikolay Vladimirovich
Teffi Nadezhda Alexandrovna
Tolstoy Alexey Nikolaevich
Yakovlev Alexander Evgenievich
Yunger Alexander Alexandrovich

Nevsky prospect/Saint Petersburg, city, house 9
Nevsky prospect/Saint Petersburg, city, house 98

Евстигнеева Л. А. Журнал "Сатирикон" и поэты-сатириконцы. М., 1968
Соколовский Р. Редакция в... ресторане // Нева, 1998
Смех сквозь цензуру / Вступ. заметка и примеч. Л. Спиридоновой // Вопр. литературы, 1990


Agnivtsev N.Y. (1888-1932), poet

AGNIVTSEV Nikolay Yakovlevich (1888-1932) was a poet, dramatist. He entered the Faculty of History and Philology of Petersburg University in 1906 but failed to graduate

Annenkov Y.P. (1889-1974), artist

ANNENKOV Yury Pavlovich (1889-1974), graphic artist, painter, scene designer, and writer. He lived in St. Petersburg from 1894. He studied in S. M. Seidenberg 's studio, Y. M. Tsionglinsky's workshop in 1909-11, and in Paris in 1911-12

Bakst L.S., (1866-1924), artist

BAKST (Rosenberg) Lev Samoilovich (1866-1924), painter, graphic artist, and stage designer. He was an irregular student at the Academy of Arts in 1883-87 and private academies in Paris in 1890s. He became a member of the Academy of Arts in 1914

Chekhonin S.V. (1878-1936), artist

CHEKHONIN Sergey Vasilievich (1878-1936), painter and graphic artist. He did his studies at the Drawing School of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts (1896-97) and at Princess M.K. Tenisheva's school under I.E. Repin (1897-1900)

Cherny Sasha (1880-1932), poet

CHERNY Sasha (real name Alexander Mikhailovich Glikberg) (1880-1932), poet, prose writer, translator, children's writer. He came to St. Petersburg in 1895; he studied at a gymnasia

Lebedev V.V., (1891-1967), Artist

LEBEDEV Vladimir Vasilievich (1891, St. Petersburg - 1967) painter and graphic artist, people's artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1966), corresponding member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR from 1967

Literary journals (entry)

LITERARY JOURNALS. The genesis of the Russian literary journalism is associated with St. Petersburg, where in 1728-36 and 1738-42 circulated first and only journal in the Russian language at that time - Primechaniya k Vedomostyam (the name changed)

Marshak S.Y. (1887-1964), poet, translator

MARSHAK Samuil Yakovlevich (1887-1964), poet, translator, playwright. In 1902-04 studied in the Third Petersburg Gymnasium. On returning to St. Petersburg from Yalta in 1907, he contributed to Satirikon and other journals

Remizov (Re-Mi) N.V. (1887-1975), artist

REMIZOV (alias Re-Mi, real name Vasilyev) Nikolay Vladimirovich (1887, St. Petersburg 1975), graphic artist, painter, theatre artist. He studied in the Academy of Arts (1908-16) under Dmitry Kardovsky (1908-16)

Salons, Circles and Literary Gatherings (Entry)

SALONS, CIRCLES AND LITERARY GATHERINGS. During the 18th century regular gatherings of writers were uncommon, but those that there were portrayed different stylistic and philosophic positions

Teffi N.А. (1872-1952), writer

TEFFI (nee Lokhvitskaya, married name Buchinskaya) Nadezhda Alexandrovna (1872, St. Petersburg - 1952), a prose writer, poet, and playwright. She first appeared in the press in 1901 with a poem I Have A Dream, Both Wonderful and Wild...

Yakovlev A.E. (1887-1938), artist

YAKOVLEV Alexander Evgenievich (1887 - 1938, St. Petersburg), painter and graphic artist. He studied at the Academy of Arts from 1905 to 1913, with D.N. Kardovsky as his tutor from 1907