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Entries / Russkoe Bogatstvo (The Russian Wealth), journal, 1876-1918

Russkoe Bogatstvo (The Russian Wealth), journal, 1876-1918

Categories / Press. Mass Media/Periodical Press/Magazines

RUSSKOE BOGATSTVO (The Russian Wealth), (in November 1914 - March 1917 Russkie Zapiski, a journal, circulated from 1876 until 1918 (originally as a journal of commerce, industry, agriculture and natural sciences, in 1883-95 as a monthly literary journal, from 1906 as a monthly literary, scientific and political journal). In 1879-81 it was published by a cooperative association of writers including N. N. Zlatovratsky, G. I. Uspensky, V. M. Garshin et al. In 1892 N. K. Mikhaylovsky and V. G. Korolenko took over the editorship and imparted the publication a consistent Narodist (populist) orientation. From then onwards the journal Russkoe Bogatstvo enjoyed considerable popularity within the radical intelligentsia and youth (the circulation reached a high of 15,000 copies), engaging in polemics with Marxist disciples. The fictional section was represented by works of G. I. Uspensky, P. F. Yakubovich, N. G. Garin-Mikhaylovsky, D. N. Mamin-Sibiryak, K. М. Stanyukovich, Аlexander Kuprin, Мaxim Gorky, V. V. Veresaev et al. The publicistic section presented works of N. F. Annensky, V. P. Vorontsov (V. V. ), S. N. Krivenko, V. А. Myakotin, А. B. Petrishchev, А. V. Peshekhonov, N. S. Rusanov, V. M. Chernov, S. N. Yuzhakov et al. The journal was continuously harassed by censorship. From 1906 was the de facto printing organ of the Socialist Revolutionary Party. The editorial office was located at 52 Slonovaya Street (today Suvorovsky Avenue), in 1897-1917 - at 1/9 Spasskaya Street (today Ryleeva Street), [9/1 Baskov Street (today Korolenko Street),]; in the 1890-1910s it was one of St. Petersburg's centres of literary and public life. In 1918 the Russkoe Bogatstvo was shut down by the Bolshevik authorities.

References: Указатель статей, помещенных в журнале Русское богатство с 1893 по 1911 гг. СПб., 1911; Летов Б. Д. Русское богатство // Очерки по истории русской журналистики и критики. Л., 1965. Т. 2. С. 413-430; Бережная Л. Г. Журнал Русское богатство в 1905-1913 гг. // Из истории русской журналистики начала XX века. М., 1984. С. 59-93.

A. B. Muratov.

Annensky Nikolay Fedorovich
Chernov Viktor Mikhailovich
Garin-Mikhailovsky (real name Mikhailovsky Nikolay Georgievich)
Garshin Vsevolod Mikhailovich
Gorky Maxim (Alexey Maximovich Peshkov)
Korolenko Vladimir Galaktionovich
Krivenko Sergey Nikolayevich
Kuprin Alexander Ivanovich
Mamin-Sibiryak (real name Mamin) Dmitry Narkisovich
Mikhaylovsky Nikolay Konstantinovich
Myakotin Venedikt Alexandrovich
Peshekhonov Alexey Vasilievich
Petrishchev Afanasy Borisovich
Rusanov Nikolay Sergeevich
Stanyukovich Konstantin Mikhailovich
Uspensky Gleb Ivanovich
Veresaev (born Smidovich) Vikenty Vikentievich
Vorontsov Vasily Pavlovich
Yakubovich Peter Filippovich
Yuzhakov Sergey Nikolaevich
Zlatovratsky Nikolay Nikolaevich

Korolenko St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 9/1
Ryleeva St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 1/9
Suvorovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 52

Указатель статей, помещенных в журнале "Русское богатство" с 1893 по 1911 гг. СПб.
Летов Б. Д. "Русское богатство" // Очерки по истории русской журналистики и критики. Л., 1965
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Andreev L.N. (1871-1919), writer

ANDREEV Leonid Nikolaevich (1871-1919, Navol's house, near Mustamyaka, Finland; today Gorkovskoe Village of Leningrad Region), writer, dramatist. In 1891 he entered Faculty of Law of Petersburg University (dismissed for non-payment)

Chernov V. M. (1873-1952), Socialist Revolutionary

CHERNOV Viktor Mikhailovich (1873-1952) was a political figure, sociologist, and publicist. On graduating from Derpt Gymnasium (1892) he entered the Faculty of Law of Moscow University, and participated in revolutionary circles

Fofanov K.M. (1862-1911), poet

FOFANOV Konstantin Mikhailovich (1862, St. Petersburg - 1911, at the same place), poet. He had little formal education. After leaving home in 1885, he wandered a lot and lived in poverty all his life. He appeared in various (mostly St

Garin-Mikhailovsky N.G. (1852-1906), writer

GARIN N. (real name Mikhailovsky Nikolay Georgievich) (1852, St. Petersburg - 1906, ibidem). Writer, railway engineer. Graduated from Railway Engineering Institute (1878; today University of Lines of Communication, 9 Moscow Avenue - memorial plaque)

Ivanov-Razumnik R. V. (1878-1946), publicist, literary critic

IVANOV-RAZUMNIK (real name and family Razumnik Vasilievich Ivanov) (1878-1946) literary critic, sociologist, public and political figure. He came to St. Petersburg in the 1880s, studied at the First Petersburg gymnasium

Korolenko Street

KOROLENKO STREET (known until 1921 as Baskova Street, its owner"s name), is located between Nekrasova Street and Preobrazhenskaya Square. Laid out in the second half of the 18th century, it was renamed after V. G

Korolenko V. G. (1853-1921), writer

KOROLENKO Vladimir Galaktionovich (1853-1921), prose writer, publicist, public figure, honorary member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1900; in 1902 along with Anton Chekhov laid down the title of academician in the protest against the

Mamin-Sibiryak D.N. (1852-1912), writer

MAMIN-SIBIRYAK (real name Mamin) Dmitry Narkisovich (1852-1912, St. Petersburg), writer. From 1872 lived in St. Petersburg; in 1872-76 studied at Veterinary Faculty of the Moscow Medical Surgical Academy

Mikhaylovsky N. K. (1842-1904), publicist, sociologist

MIKHAYLOVSKY Nikolay Konstantinovich (1842-1904, St. Petersburg), publicist, sociologist, critic, public figure. From 1856 lived in St. Petersburg, studied in the Corps of Mining Engineers Institute; in 1863 was expelled for participation in student

Myakotin V.A. (1867-1937), historian, public and political figure

MYAKOTIN Venedikt Alexandrovich (1867, Gatchina - 1937), historian, essayist, public and political figure. Graduated from Kronstadt Gymnasium and the Faculty of History and Philology of St

Salons, Circles and Literary Gatherings (Entry)

SALONS, CIRCLES AND LITERARY GATHERINGS. During the 18th century regular gatherings of writers were uncommon, but those that there were portrayed different stylistic and philosophic positions

Stanyukovich K.M. (1843-1903), writer

STANYUKOVICH Konstantin Mikhailovich (1843-1903), a prose writer and publicist. He lived in St. Petersburg from 1855. He studied at the Naval Cadet Corps in 1857-60 (present-day 17 Leytenanta Shmidta Embankment; collective memorial plaque)

Yakubovich P.F. (1860-1911), poet, revolutionary

YAKUBOVICH Peter Filippovich (1860-1911, St. Petersburg), poet, writer, participant of People"s Will movement of the 1880s. He graduated from Faculty of History and Philology of Petersburg University (1882)