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Entries / Balashov A.D., Governor General in 1809-10

Balashov A.D., Governor General in 1809-10

Categories / City Administration/Personalia

Balashov (Balashev) Alexander Dmitrievich (1770-1837, Kronstadt), statesman, Infantry General (1823), Adjunct General (1809). He was brought up in the Corps of Pages, from 1791, he was in military service. In 1800-02, Balashov was a military governor in Revel; from 1804, he was a military governor in Moscow. In 1808, Balashov served as St. Petersburg Chief Policeman. In 1809-12, he served as the military governor of St. Petersburg. During his term the Institute of Railway Engineers was established (1809), the Tsar Lyceum in Tsarskoe Selo was established (1811), the building of the cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan was completed (1811) and the stone facing of the Moika River Embankment was completed (1810). From 1810, Balashov was a member of the State Council; in 1810-12 and in 1819, he was the Minister of Police. During the war of 1812-14, he participated in formation of St. Petersburg Pprovincial Volunteer Corps, helped Emperor Alexander I, and went on various diplomatic missions. In 1819-28, he was the Governor General of Voronezh, Orel, Ryazan, Tambov and Tula. In 1826, he was the chief member of the Highest Criminal Council in the case of Decembrists. From 1832 he was a member of the Military Council. Balashov retired in 1834. Balashov owned a mansion (today 26 Makarova Embankment), and houses near Gagarinskaya Pier and Okhtinsky transportation point in St. Petersburg, as well as an estate in the village of Pokrovskoe in Schliesselburg District of St. Petersburg, where he was buried. He wrote memoirs (a major part of them has not been published).

Reference: Длуголенский Я. Н. Военно-гражданская и полицейская власть Санкт-Петербурга, 1703-1917. СПб., 2001. С. 99-103.

D. N. Shilov.

Alexander I, Emperor
Balashov (Balashev) Alexander Dmitrievich

Makarova Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 26
Moika River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city

Длуголенский Я. Н. Военно-гражданская власть Санкт-Петербурга, 1703-1917. СПб., 2001

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