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Entries / Prokopovich S. N. (1871-1955), public figure

Prokopovich S. N. (1871-1955), public figure

Categories / Social Life/Personalia

PROKOPOVICH Sergey Nikolaevich (1871-1955) was a public figure, economist, statistician, a theorist of cooperation, Ph. D. in philosophy from Bern University (1913). In 1899, he graduated from Brussels University, and joined the Union of Russian Social Democrats Abroad. From 1904, he lived in St. Petersburg at 26 Suvorovsky Avenue. He was a member of the Union of Liberation; in 1905, he was a member of the Central Committee of the Party of Constitutional Democrats. In 1906, he published Without Title Journal in St. Petersburg. In 1914-17, he served in the Moscow Regional Military Industrial Committee. In March 1917, he returned to Petrograd. In May he was in charge of the Chief Economic Committee and served as Deputy Director of the Economic Council of the Provisional Government. On 24 July 1917, he was appointed Minister of Trade and Industry; and on 25 September 1917, Minister of Food. He was against interference of workers in running the factories, he appealed for resolute measures in the fight against the revolutionary movement. On 25 October 1917, he was arrested in the Winter palace, delivered to Smolny, and after a deposition he was set free. Prokopovich participated in the work of the Underground Provisional Government, and was a member of the Committee for Salvation of the Native Land and the Revolution and of the Union of Revival of Russia. In 1921 Prokopovich was one of the heads of the All-Russian Committee of Assistance to Povolzhye Famine Victims (Pomgol). In 1922, he was expelled from the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. In the same year he founded the Economic Group for Studying Economic, Social and Political Data on the Life in Soviet Russia. He is the author of works on the position of proletariat in Russia, on the questions of co-operative movement and national economy in the USSR.

А. Ф. Векслер.

Prokopovich Sergey Nikolaevich

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