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Entries / Pamyat (Memory), collection

Pamyat (Memory), collection

Categories / Press. Mass Media/Periodical Press/Almanacs

PAMYAT (Memory), a collection of historic material (issues 1-5, 1976-82), published in New York by Khronika Press Publishing house (first issue) and in Paris by YMKA-Press (2-4 issues) and La Presse Libre (fifth issue) publishing houses. It published memoirs, correspondence, documents on the history of the revolutionary movement and parties, religion and philosophy, literature and art, photographs from private archives, whose publication in the USSR was impossible due to censorship. The scripts were produced in Leningrad, however, for conspiratorial reasons, Moscow was indicated. The journal's founders were А. B. Roginsky (Editor in Chief), А. I. Dobkin, F. F. Perchenok; while L.I. Bogoraz, S. V. Dedyulin, V. V. Iofe, D. М. Batser, Y. A. Gastev, R. I. Pimenov et al. (all wrote under pseudonyms) were also involved in the publication. The compilers augmented the scientific inventory with a large scope of information on the national history of the 20th century. All publications were supplied with extensive commentary, which alone is of vast scientific value. After Roginsky's arrest in 1981, the compilers under the KGB pressure ceased further activities within the Pamyat in 1984. The material of the sixth issue was the basis for the first volumes of the historical almanac Minuvshee.

E. V. Rusakova, I. А. Flige.

Batser D.M .
Bogoraz Larisa I.
Dedyulin Sergey Vladimirovich
Dobkin Alexander Iosifovich
Gastev Yu.A.
Iofe Veniamin Viktorovich
Perchenok Felix Fedorovich
Pimenov Revolt Ivanovich
Roginsky Arseny Borisovich

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Minuvshee (Past Times), almanac

Iofe V.V. (1938 - 2002), historian of nonconformity, public figure.

IOFE Veniamin Viktorovich (1938-2002, St. Petersburg), public figure, historian. Lived in Leningrad since 1938. Graduated from Leningrad Chemical Engineering Institute (1962)

Minuvshee (Past Times), almanac

MINUVSHEE (Past Times), an almanac (volumes 1-25, 1986-1999; edited by V. Е. Alloy,1945-2001, and А. I. Dobkin,1950-1998), was virtually the successor to Pamyat collection shut down in 1982