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Persons / Pimenov Revolt Ivanovich scientist , public figure
Pimenov R.I. (1931-1990), mathematician, human rights activist

PIMENOV Revolt Ivanovich (1931-1990), political scientist, human rights activist, Ph.D. (Doctor of Mathematics) (1969). Lived in Leningrad since 1948 (42 Voinova Street, today Shpalernaya Street)

House of Preliminary Detention, prison

HOUSE OF PRELIMINARY DETENTION (25 Shpalernaya Street), the first remand prison in Russia. It was built in 1871-75 (architect K.Y. Maevsky) who took American system as an example: the doors of cells overlooked stepped iron passages; inside the house

Orlovsky E.S. (1929 - 2003), human rights activist

ORLOVSKY Ernest Semenovich (1929, Leningrad - 2003, St. Petersburg) was a human rights activist. He graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of Leningrad State University (1952)

Pamyat (Memory), collection

PAMYAT (Memory), a collection of historic material (issues 1-5, 1976-82), published in New York by Khronika Press Publishing house (first issue) and in Paris by YMKA-Press (2-4 issues) and La Presse Libre (fifth issue) publishing houses

Political Opposition in Leningrad

POLITICAL OPPOSITION of 1930-80s is the general name for independent unions or groups of people consciously opposing the Soviet power. Contemporary research distinguishes between external and internal political opposition on the basis of their