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Entries / Drozd V.P.(1906-1943) Vice Admiral

Drozd V.P.(1906-1943) Vice Admiral

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DROZD Valentin Petrovich (1906-1943), Soviet military commander, Vice Admiral (1941). Graduated from Frunze Military Naval Academy (1928). In 1938-40, served as commander of the Northern Fleet. In February-September 1941 commanded the Light Forces Detachment of the Baltic Fleet, from September - commanded a squadron. Led the breakthrough of the fleet from Tallinn to Kronstadt (August 1941), the defence of the Moonsund Archipelago (September-October 1941), was in charge of the evacuation of the Navy base from Khanko Peninsula in October-December 1941. Vice Admiral Drozd was an active participant of the defence of Leningrad, in January 1942 gave an order to use the energy installments of the submarines, anchored in the Neva River for providing power supply to the bread-baking plants of the neighbouring districts. Died on January 29 on an ice route near Kronstadt. Buried on the Communist Section of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. Drozd's name is inscribed on the memorial plaque of graduates of the Marine School of Peter the Great.

Reference: Михайловский Н. Вице-адмирал Дрозд // Мор. сб. 1971. № 4. С. 100-105.

G. V. Kalashnikov

Drozd Valentin Petrovich
Frunze Mikhail Vasilievich

Михайловский Н. Вице-адмирал Дрозд // Мор. сб., 1971

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