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City Connoisseurs' Club

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CITY CONNOISSEURS' CLUB, a non-governmental organisation, bringing together lovers of St. Petersburg history. The club was established in 1980 on the initiative of I. A. Martynenko, senior consultant of the All-Russian Monument Protection Society, M.G. Dembo, the official of S.M. Kirov Central Park of Recreation and Culture, and historian G.A. Boguslavsky as Leningrad Connoisseurs Club; the club adopted its present-day name in 1991. Boguslavsky was elected its first president. In the 1980s, the work of the club was supported by S.M. Kirov Central Park of Recreation and Culture and the Leningrad Department of All-Russian Monument Protection Society. In 1985, the Regulations for Leningrad Connoisseurs' Club were ratified. The members of the club are engaged in the study of the city history and culture (holding meetings on topics such as Glimpses of the History of Manufactories; For the First Time in our City; Old Residents Recall...; City Historians; The War and the Siege; Salons of St. Petersburg; A Name in the History of the City.). The club members were the first to begin celebrating the anniversary of the city’s foundation in 1980. N.M. Markov has been the president of the club since 1993. The club holds its meetings in the quarters of the Monument Protection Society (14 Zakharyevskaya Street).

M. G. Khugayeva.

Boguslavsky Gustav Alexandrovich
Dembo M.G. A2377
Kirov (real name Kostrikov) Sergey Mironovich
Markov N.M.
Martynenko I.A.

Zakharievskaya Street/Saint Petersburg, city, house 14