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Comedians Halt, Cabaret

Categories / Art/Music, Theatre/Stage, Cabaret, Variety Shows

COMEDIANS HALT (Astrologer) (Prival Comediantov (Zvezdochet)), literary and artistic cabaret theatre. It was opened in 1916 in the vault of the House of Adamini (7 the Field of Mars). It was the literary and artistic successor to the cabaret Stray Dog. M. A. Kuzmin, N. N. Evreinov, N. V. Petrov, V. A. Shchuko et al. formed the Board of Directors. The halls were painted by artists B. D. Grigoryev, A. E. Yakovlev and S. Y. Sudeykin. The Comedians Halt was established as a commercial cabaret with paid tickets, fixed evening programme, and a permanent theatre company which was formed by students of the Studio on Borodinskaya Street and by invited actors. The comperes were: Kolya Peter (N. V. Petrov) and K. E. Gibshman. The producers were: V. E. Meyerhold (Doctor Dapertutto), Evreinov, Petrov, B. G. Romanov et al. Besides performances, mock variety shows, couplets, singers' performances were arranged in the Comedians Halt. In May 1916, the marionette theatre of Y. A. Slonimsky and M. P. Sazonova gave performances in the Comedians Halt. After October 1917, the repertoire of the Comedians Halt consisted of parodies, comedies and skits concerning the latest news. Actors of the Distorting Mirror and other theatres joined the theatre company. Discussions on political themes spontaneously arose in the Comedians Halt. At the end of 1919, soirees almost disappeared from the Comedians Halt and the theatre stopped existence in 1920. In 2001, the Comedians Halt was revived at its previous location as an art cabaret. Wall paintings were reconstructed. Artistic intellectuals gather in the Comedians Halt, groups and soloists give performances.

References: Петров Н. В. 50 и 500. М., 1960; Тихвинская Л. И. Кабаре и театры миниатюр в России, 1908-1917. М., 1995.

Y. N. Kruzhnov.

Evreinov Nikolay Nikolaevich
Gibshman Konstantin Eduardovich
Grigoryev Boris Dmitrievich
Kuzmin Mikhail Alexeevich
Meyerhold Vsevolod Emilievich
Petrov Nikolay Vasilievich
Romanov Boris Georgievich
Sazonova M.P.
Shchuko Vladimir Alexeevich
Slonimskaya (Sazonova) Yulia Leonidovna
Sudeykin Sergey Yurievich
Yakovlev Alexander Evgenievich

The Field of Mars/Saint Petersburg, city, house 7

Петров Н. В. 50 и 500. М., 1960
Тихвинская Л. И. Кабаре и театры миниатюр в России, 1908-1917. М., 1995

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