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Entries / Krusenstern I.F. (1770-1846), navigator

Krusenstern I.F. (1770-1846), navigator

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KRUSENSTERN Ivan Fedorovich (1770-1846), navigator, corresponding member (1803), honorary member (1806) of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, Admiral. (1842). Graduated from the Naval Cadet School (1787). In 1803-06 appointed head of the first Russian round-the-world expedition on the Nadezhda (Hope) (commanded by Krusenstern) and the Neva (commanded by Y. F. Lisyansky) boats. On Krusenstern's initiative a round-the-world expedition on the Ryurik brig (1815-18) was undertaken. In 1827-42 assumed the office of the director of the Naval Cadet School and became a member of the Admiralty Council; organised officers classes (subsequently reorganised as Naval Academy), founded a museum, a library, a laboratory and an astronomic laboratory. A founding member of the Russian Geographic Society (1845). Resided at 54 Fontanka River Embankment. A memorial plaque in his honour was placed at the facade of the Frunze Higher Naval Academy (17 Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment); in 1873 a monument to Krusenstern was erected in front of the building (sculptor I.N. Schroder, architect I.A. Monighetti).

Reference: Пасецкий В. М. Иван Федорович Крузенштерн. М., 1974.

L. I. Yarukova.

Frunze Mikhail Vasilievich
Krusenstern Ivan Fedorovich
Lisyansky Yury Fedorovich
Monighetti Ippolito Antonovich
Schroder Ivan Nikolaevich

Fontanka River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 64
Leitenanta Schmidta Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 17

Пасецкий В. М. Иван Федорович Крузенштерн. М., 1974

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