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Entries / Dobiash-Rozhdestvenskaya O.A., (1874-1939), historian

Dobiash-Rozhdestvenskaya O.A., (1874-1939), historian

Categories / Science. Education/Personalia

DOBIASH-ROZHDESTVENSKAYA Olga Antonovna (1874-1939), historian, palaeographer, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1929). Wife of D.S. Rozhdestvensky. Lived in St. Petersburg from 1895, studied at the Women"s Higher (Bestuzhev) Courses (with teachers I.M. Grevs and N.I. Kareev), expelled in 1899 for being involved with student-led disturbances. Lectured in the People"s House of the Countess S.V. Panina, at the Smolenskaya Sunday Evening School, and from 1907 at the Bestuzhev Courses (Professor since 1916), as well as at other educational institutions in St. Petersburg. In 1905-06 she became a member of the Bureau of the All-Russian Teachers Union. The first Russian woman to receive a master"s degree (1915) and then a doctorate degree (1918) in World History. From 1918 (with a break in 1929-33) she was a professor at Petrograd University. In 1922-39, she worked in the Manuscripts Department of the State Public Library. Wrote papers about the history of Medieval Europe and Latin palaeography. Founded an academic school in the sphere of Medieval History and special historical disciplines. In the late 1910s - 1930s, she lived at 14 Birzhevaya Line. Buried at Literatorskie Mostky.

References: Ершова В. М. О. А. Добиаш-Рождественская. Л., 1988; Воронова Т. П. Добиаш-Рождественская Ольга Антоновна // Сотрудники Российской национальной библиотеки - деятели науки и культуры: Биогр. слов. СПб., 1999. Т. 2. С. 253-257.

A. A. Kononov.

Dobiash-Rozhdestvenskaya Olga Antonovna
Grevs Ivan Mikhailovich
Kareev Nikolay Ivanovich
Panina Sofia Vladimirovna
Rozhdestvensky Dmitry Sergeevich

Birzhevaya Line/Saint Petersburg, city, house 14

Ершова В. М. О. А. Добиаш-Рождественская. Л., 1988

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