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Entries / VOEYKOV A.I., (1842-1916), climatologist, geographer

VOEYKOV A.I., (1842-1916), climatologist, geographer

Categories / Science. Education/Personalia

Voeykov Alexander Ivanovich (1842-1916), climatologist and geographer, founder of climatology in Russia, Corresponding Member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1910). From 1860, studied at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of Petersburg University. When the university closed down on account of student disturbances in 1861, he went to Germany to study at Gottingen University. Upon returning to Russia in 1866, he was elected Member of the Russian Geographic Society, with which Voeykov's scientific and public work was closely connected for half a century. Voeykov became Associate Professor (1881) and then Professor (1887) at Petersburg University. He took part in numerous expeditions. In 1884, he published his fundamental work, Global Climates, Particularly in Russia. From 1914, he worked in the Main Physics Observatory (today Voeykov Main Geophysical Observatory). Buried at the Nikolskoe Cemetery of Alexander Nevsky Lavra. In 1949, Seltsy Village was renamed Voeykovo Village (in the present-day Vsevolozhsky District of the Leningrad Region); and in honour of the centenary of the Main Geophysical Observatory, a monument to Voeykov was also erected (1957, sculptor M.K. Anikushin, architect F.A. Gepner).

Reference: Тимашев А. К. Воейков. М., 1957.

O. N. Ansberg.

Anikushin Mikhail Konstantinovich
Gepner Filipp Aronovich
Voeykov Alexander Ivanovich

Тимашев А. К. Воейков. М., 1957

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