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Teachers' Academy

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TEACHERS' ACADEMY, an education institution founded under the League of Education in 1907 by the decision of the All-Russian Congress of Educational Psychology. It was situated at 7 Vladimirsky Avenue. Placed under the control of the Ministry of Public Education, the academy enrolled men and women who graduated from higher educational institutions regardless of religion. Students, who did not possess a degree, were admitted as irregular students. Studies took two years, the curriculum including educational psychology, history of teachers, hygiene, school management, and special subjects such as anatomy, physiology, histology, philosophy, law, etc. Students specialised in teaching, psychology, logic, Russian language and literature, mathematics, physics, natural science, geography, history, law, and modern languages and practised teaching at an experimental school. Among organisers and lecturers were I. A. Baudouin de Courtenay, V. A. Wagner, S. A. Vengerov, V. I. Vernadsky, I. M. Grevs, N. I. Kareev, M. M. Kovalevsky, A. A. Kornilov, A. S. Lappo-Danilevsky, N. O. Lossky, A. N. Makarov, D. N. Ovsyaniko-Kulikovsky, S. F. Oldenburg, I. P. Pavlov, L. I. Petrazhitsky, and E. V. Tarle. The academy was dissolved in 1917.

Reference: Педагогическая академия в очерках и монографиях. М., 1909-1914. Т. 1-15; Иванов А. Е. Высшая школа России в конце XIX - начале XX века. М., 1991.

А. P. Kupaygorodskaya.

Baudouin de Courtenay Ivan Alexandrovich (born Jan Nechislav)
Grevs Ivan Mikhailovich
Kareev Nikolay Ivanovich
Kornilov Alexander Alexandrovich
Kovalevsky Maxim Maximovich
Lappo-Danilevsky Alexander Sergeevich
Lossky Nikolay Onufrievich
Makarov A.N.
Oldenburg Sergey Fedorovich
Ovsyaniko-Kulikovsky Dmitry Nikolaevich
Pavlov Ivan Petrovich
Petrazhitsky Lev Iosifovich
Tarle Evgeny Viktorovich
Vengerov Semen Afanasievich
Vernadsky Vladimir Ivanovich
Wagner Vladimir Alexandrovich

Vladimirsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 7

Иванов А. Е. Высшая школа России в конце XIX - начале XX века. М., 1991
Педагогическая академия в очерках и монографиях. М., 1909-1914

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Education League

EDUCATION LEAGUE, All-Russian public teaching organisation. It was founded in St. Petersburg in 1906, its charter approved in 1907, on the initiative of members of literacy committees closed by the government for united and coordinated activities of

Kovalevsky M.M., (1851-1916), historian, sociologist

KOVALEVSKY Maxim Maximovich (1851-1916, Petrograd), sociologist, lawyer, economist, political figure, Member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1914). After graduating from the Faculty of Law of the University of Kharkov in 1872